The 2015 BMW i8 by the cold, hard numbers

If you want driving impressions of the BMW i8, we put Chris Harris on the job, and his words will be on R&T shortly. In the meantime, Jason Cammisa ripped off a full instrumented test of the i8, and his takeaway is that it's really goddamned quick for a hybrid backed up by a turbocharged inline-3, although there were… »4/28/14 11:06am4/28/14 11:06am

Car Industry Carnage: US Auto Sales Down 18.8% For June

Everybody knew it was coming, but the extent of the disintegration of the US automotive market came clearly into view today as automakers reported their sales figures for June. During a month when the national average price of gasoline topped an average of four bucks, what does one expect? Well — how about an 18.8%… »7/01/08 7:20pm7/01/08 7:20pm

Satellite Radio Retail Numbers Are Down, Who's To Blame?

As a bit of disclosure, I'll admit that I'm a satellite radio fanatic. So it saddens me to hear that the numbers for December are significantly down. How significant? How about 37.5-percent significant, for, you know, the biggest shopping month of the year. Note that this number is specifically retail, so it only… »1/23/08 4:00pm1/23/08 4:00pm