Bombers Used To Drop Nuclear Bombs Upside Down

Following World War II, America’s nuclear capability rested with the Boeing B-47 Stratojet—a high-speed precursor to the modern jet airliner. The surprisingly capable strategic bomber carried out nuclear testing responsibilities early in the Cold War, including an absurd vertical looping maneuver to deliver its atomic…


Brussels Bombers May Have Plotted Kidnapping To Get Nuclear Material For Dirty Bomb

Just as word has come that two Americans were killed in the attacks on Brussels, multiple reports state that brothers and suicide bombers Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui plotted to get their hands on nuclear material for a dirty bomb—and they set their eyes on a top Belgian nuclear researcher to do it.

North Korea Says They Have Deployed Nuclear Weapons For "Preemptive" Use

As we discussed yesterday, North Korea’s response to crushing sanctions enacted by a fully united UN Security Council would be unpredictable and and potentially very dangerous. Shortly after, North Korea launched short-range ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan, and now they say they are readying their nuclear…

U.S. General Says North Korea Would Use WMD As Details On Secret Negotiations Emerge

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are higher today than they have been in decades, and the head of U.S. forces in Korea made it crystal clear to the Senate Armed Services Committee precisely what is at stake: Kim Jong Un, by his own words, would indeed use Weapons of Mass Destruction if his regime were threatened.

Israel's Newest And Most Advanced Submarine Is Their Last Line Of Nuclear Deterrence

Arguably Israel’s most critical military capability is their small but very deadly submarine fleet. Beyond being able to stealthily spy on enemies, insert operatives onto foreign shores and wreak havoc on enemy ships on a whim, they represent Israel’s “second strike” nuclear deterrent. Now Israel has received its…

North Korea Says It Has Detonated Its First Hydrogen Bomb (Updated)

A 5.1 magnitude quake was detected about 30 miles from North Korea’s Punggye-Ri nuclear test site this evening, indicating a possible underground nuclear detonation. North Korea’s last nuclear test was in 2013 and the detonation resulted in a quake measuring 5.1 magnitude with an estimated weapons yield between six…

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Target List From The Cold War Declassified For The First Time 

The National Security Archive has published what is said to be the most comprehensive and detailed list of nuclear weapons targets and applied weapons strategy that has ever been declassified. The report includes details plans for purposefully targeting civilian populations and military infrastructure for the…

Why A Russian Super-Radioactive Atomic Torpedo Isn’t The News You Think It Is

News came out yesterday that Russian government media “leaked” information about some sort of new super-radioactive nuclear torpedo, as much as Russian government media can “leak” things. Many publications ran with the “super-radioactive” bit, but it’s actually not too important.


The Air Force Just Dropped an Expensive (and Useless) Nuke in Nevada

In the face of mounting criticism, the Air Force just completed the first test flight of the B61 Mod 12 mock up nuclear bomb in the Nevada desert. This marks the next step in updating a cold war-era weapon that many experts consider to be completely useless today. The military might as well drop a nuke on a pile of…

This Is What It Looks Like When The World's Smallest Nuke Explodes

Back in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the American military had a dream. That dream was to create a nuclear rocket launcher, and with it, the world's smallest nuclear rocket. The M-28/29 "Davy Crockett," and this massively tiny explosion (at around 3:35, if the video doesn't load properly), was the result.