Naked Man Crashes Into Seven Cars In Alabama Police Chase

Just after noon yesterday, a man in a gray pickup plowed through a car dealership and the streets of Hoover, Alabama, smashing seven other vehicles before stopping for the police. That's when they found out he was totally nude. » 2/21/12 1:30pm 2/21/12 1:30pm

Bikini model gets naked to sell Volkswagens in China

Our dealers just give out free hot dogs and balloons on Saturdays. In China, one Volkswagen dealership hired a band of bikini-clad models to lure in prospects. Until one model apparently decided swimwear was too much clothing for the gig. Maybe the dealership next door was offering bikini models and hot dogs. » 8/29/11 1:30pm 8/29/11 1:30pm

Mega Mumbo: Australian Car Wash To Go Topless, Offer Lap Dances

In the continuing saga of "Why Australia is Better Than Your Country," a Brisbane car wash has gotten approval to let naked women wash your car. And if that's too dull, you can get a lap dance while you wait. Seems that Australia has been hit pretty hard by drought, so most cities have banned people from washing… » 5/18/07 2:00pm 5/18/07 2:00pm

Naked Oklahoman Mechanic Busted

We will never write a headline this good as long as we live: "BA man arrested for working on cars naked." "BA" of course stands for Broken Arrow, the locale in which James Barnett was practicing his nude wrenching. According to the bit on KTEN's website, "Police say Barnett's only explanation is that he was very hot… » 7/12/06 11:30pm 7/12/06 11:30pm

Boob It Now! UK Woman Selling Honda To Buy Breast Implants

Now here's a woman who truly knows what she wants — and it ain't her Honda Civic 1.6 VTEC. What this woman wants...nay — what this woman, according to her, needs — is a bigger set of breasts. And she's determined to get them — even if it means selling her beloved Honda on eBay. The winner receives not only the… » 7/05/06 12:59pm 7/05/06 12:59pm

Young Mooninites: FL Woman Busted For Letting Kids Flash Motorists

Apologies to our man Andrew for the hed, but we couldn't pass it up. When underage ass, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Krucoff all hit in some kind of otherworldly-nexus-style trifecta, we're powerless to resist the reference. Teresa Shoultz, of Mims, Florida, is in a bit of hot water for mentioning that when she was… » 4/18/06 3:21pm 4/18/06 3:21pm

GM Gets Lindsay Lohan to Show Off Her Breastesses

You know, this whole "Couture & Chrome" thing has left us feeling pretty lacking. It's fairly obvious that GM's marketing types are either hamstrung or stupid. Or both. But they just scored some sort of marginal coup by throwing an event where a certain Disney star was caught braless in a shifty garment, allowing a… » 3/01/06 5:43pm 3/01/06 5:43pm

Buy a Condo, Profile Like Magnum, See Painted Boobs

Denton henchman, Phamer's Almanacker and editorial whip-cracker Lockhart Steele's real-estate-oriented side gig, Curbed, features a bit on 255 Hudson, a collection of luxo-condominiums going for anywhere from the nine-hundred-thousands to the three-millions. Needless to say, we won't be buying one. But if say, like, … » 2/28/06 5:31pm 2/28/06 5:31pm

He's Goin' Where There's a Depression: IL Half-Naked Man Leads Police…

Ah, Belleville, IL, the town that brought us the modern alt-country movement with songs like "Graveyard Shift," "d. boon," and a magnificent cover of the Louvin' Brothers' "Atomic Power." A town neighboring Uncle Tupelo's birthplace puked up a bit of funny news today some Granite City cops spotted a man lying naked… » 2/07/06 11:00am 2/07/06 11:00am

Naked Man Attacks Wiconsin Motorists

We swear, there's just something weird in the water up in Wisconsin. I mean, you've got the dong-picture-flyer guy, you've got the Undie Avenger, and now you've got some naked guy running around at 9:45am on a February morning in his bare bottoms and attempting to make like he's Refrigerator Perry by tackling cars.… » 2/03/06 5:28pm 2/03/06 5:28pm

More Naked Ladies and Cars!

So first, we had the naked chick with the Challenger at the Detroit show (which we still haven't seen yet, dammit)
now we've got a car chase involving a naked woman and a Chevy Lumina. 31 year-old Miroslava Benton ran from police, at one point ramming their cars in an attempt to get away. Why? Simply because she… » 1/19/06 10:58pm 1/19/06 10:58pm

After-Hours Dodge Lust: Nude Woman Poses With Challenger Concept at…

Someone want to explain to us how a woman snuck into the Cobo center in Detroit Monday night, posed nude on the Dodge Challenger concept — surrounded by gawkers with cameraphones — and we did not get a single photo in our inbox? C'mon people, this is a give and take thing here. If you've got the shots, don't hold on… » 1/18/06 10:30am 1/18/06 10:30am