Neat visualization shows which country has the most nukes over history

This visualization by drwtsn breaks down the nuclear arms race starting from the 1940s until now. The countries shown are the countries who have historically had the most nuclear weapons: the US, Russia, the UK, France and China (a few other countries have nukes too but are not represented). »7/05/15 9:30am7/05/15 9:30am


Nowhere Under the Sea Is Safe from Britain's Newest Nuclear Submarine

Russia isn't the only nation launching a nuclear sub hunter after two decades of development. The UK recently rolled the third of seven £1 billion Astute Class nuclear submarines, the HMS Artful, out of its cavernous dry dock for a year of demanding sea trials and a quarter century of service beneath the seas. »7/05/14 3:28pm7/05/14 3:28pm

Radiation-To-Electricity Coming Soon: Bring On Mr. Fusion!

A recent scientific breakthrough may make the process of turning radiation waste to electricity a reality just in time for the return of the DeLorean. We're jumping the gun, a tad. The Mr. Fusion from the famed Back to the Future series was capable of turning beer, banana peels and other garbage into energy to power… »3/31/08 2:00pm3/31/08 2:00pm