Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: Early In The Morning Edition

I'll be on NPR's The Bryant Park Project tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM talking about whether Japanese automakers create more environmentally friendly cars than American automakers. My answer will be a resounding no. Feel free to play along with some early morning shots of mimosa and some new rules in the comments below.… »6/10/08 10:25pm6/10/08 10:25pm

"Car of the Future" Nova Episode Stunk, But Here's The Interesting Part

Yeah, so, that Car of the Future episode of Nova with Click and Clack just wasn't all that good, sorry about that. The episode should probably have been called "Moments of forced laughter from two funny old guys in between John Lithgow talking down to the viewer about the car of the future". However, buried in the… »4/23/08 4:20pm4/23/08 4:20pm

Captain Obvious of the Day: NPR Says People Steal GPS Receivers

First it was ABC News. Now National Public Radio is getting in on journalism of the abundantly self-evident. The Tote Bag Empire's latest find? Thieves steal GPS receivers! Holy crap, sound the sirens, summon the SWAT team! The last time I checked, a thief will steal anything worth over $5 from a car. Okay, NPR, I'll… »2/06/08 2:15pm2/06/08 2:15pm