Ecclestone wants U.S. Grand Prix moved to November

It's so hot in Austin in June that even I, as a lowly Freshman at the University of Texas, could occasionally convince women to take some of their clothes off for me. Using that same logic, Bernie Ecclestone's desire to move the US Grand Prix from its provisional June date to November is either the worst or best thing… » 7/28/11 4:00pm 7/28/11 4:00pm

Toyota Sales Up Overall, Lexus Down Despite Giant Red Bows

This is what we get for putting too much faith in fancy wrapping paper. Toyota Motor Company was able to move 197,189 vehicles in November, up 0.3% from the previous year (break out the champagne). Despite disruptions in the housing market and increased fuel costs, Toyota moved approximately 6.2% more passenger cars.… » 12/03/07 4:30pm 12/03/07 4:30pm

GM Reports an 11% Decrease in Sales for November

It was a rough November for GM, with the company reporting total sales of 263,654 vehicles, representing a drop of 11% from November 2006. Though this can be partially blamed on a planned reduction in rental fleet sales, the big news is that the General is have a rough time selling trucks, with a 14.9% year-over-year… » 12/03/07 2:30pm 12/03/07 2:30pm

Ford Sales Up For First Time in 12 Months, Mission Accomplished!

It's taken 12 months of steady declines (strategic withdrawals) before Mark Fields could claim a victory in sales, by selling 182,951 cars in November. That's a whopping 0.4% increase over November 2006. Most surprisingly, the refreshed and SYNC-ed Ford Focus realized growth of 18% compared with last year. Sales of… » 12/03/07 1:00pm 12/03/07 1:00pm

Breaking Records! Toyota Likes To Be On Top Of Ford, Sales Up A Super…

ToMoCo continued it's dominatrix-like smacking of FoMoCo, as the automaker from the land of the rising sun reported sales of 196,695 vehicles during the month of November. That's a 15.9% increase in month-to-month sales from 2005. That broke down to an increase of 18% in the Toyota Division, and what would appear to… » 12/01/06 3:06pm 12/01/06 3:06pm

Breaking! Whoa, Joe Shows Chrysler Group Sales That Don't Blow — DCX Up…

The German-American hybrid saw US sales increase this month by 4.7%, selling 186,635 vehicles, which represents a 21% jump from the Mercedes unit and — Holy Joe! — a jump of 2.9% at the 'merican side of the company, the Chrysler Group. Whoa! Joe Eberhardt, the sales and marketing chief in Auburn Hills totally knows… » 12/01/06 2:31pm 12/01/06 2:31pm

Breaking! GM Releases Sales Without A Release, Sales Up 6%

At first my big question for General Motors — are y'all planning on issuing a press release at some point to provide your numbers? Usually the sales numbers are posted online about 15 minutes before the start of the conference call — and well, the conference call's started and narry a number to be found. But here's… » 12/01/06 2:10pm 12/01/06 2:10pm

Breaking! Ford Announces The Sharp Sting Of November's Unrealistic…

You know, we understand it's important to reach for the moon, but it's probably best to have realistic expectations when you're still working on that whole turnaround plan thing. Like for example, take FoMoCo, who just released their November sales, down a whopping 10% from month-to-month levels a year ago. It's… » 12/01/06 1:47pm 12/01/06 1:47pm