Tow Truck Gets Shanghai'd By Angry Driver

This may or may not be a staged video, but it's still funny to us. A Shanghai lady was not about to let some orange-clad tow truck driver take off with her beloved Chevy SUV so she hopped in and drove away — with the tow truck in tow. The best part is watching the truck driver realize he's gone from the tow-er to the… » 12/10/08 12:00pm 12/10/08 12:00pm

For Sale: Clean Mazda Miata, Slight Water Damage

As Kim Taylor was running down the hill beside her driveway, chasing after her red Mazda Miata, she couldn't help but be confused. She was sure she had put the parking brake on. And yet there was the little convertible, on its way to her neighbors' pool for a 40 MPH splashdown. We have a feeling this was just one of… » 7/08/08 6:40pm 7/08/08 6:40pm

Size Apparently Not Important: Fiat 500 Tops Sexy Car List

If this were on Family Feud, even the Jalopnik family would have failed to get the steal. But there's no Richard Dawson, or even Ray Combs, just Captain Slow. A Top Gear survey found the Fiat 500 to be the sexiest car ever. Number 4 on the list? Chevrolet Camaro. So with the combination of the Z28 in his own garage… » 7/26/06 6:00pm 7/26/06 6:00pm