Unsolicited Suggestions For Detroit Automakers

An artist calling himself "Lunchbreath" has put together eight rather amusing proposals for the big-wigs at the Detroit automakers to consider. We like this one: sending up-armored Saturn Vues abroad for funny-looking military duty. [Core77] » 7/07/09 4:30pm 7/07/09 4:30pm

Sure, But Who Will Build Them?

As President Obama today addressed his desire for the fuel-efficient cars of the future to be built here, the following news flash shot across the bottom of the screen. Ironic? A bit, yes. [CNBC] » 1/26/09 11:15am 1/26/09 11:15am

The Ruins Of Detroit Industry: Five Former Factories

With the President mulling the use of TARP funds to help Detroit automakers weather the Carpocalypse, we thought it appropriate to show you these five Detroit industrial relics that didn't quite make it. » 12/16/08 4:30pm 12/16/08 4:30pm

Auto Industry Aid Bill Fails In Senate, GM Hires Bankruptcy Advisor

The $14 billion House auto industry aid bill failed in the US Senate tonight. On a somewhat but not quite related note, GM hired bankruptcy advisors as the Carpocalypse draws ever closer. » 12/11/08 11:45pm 12/11/08 11:45pm

U.S. House Approves $14 Billion Auto Bailout Bill

The US House approved the Auto Industry Financing and Restructuring Act (aka, "Bankruptcy Lite") by a vote of 237-170. It's morning again in America. Well, at least until the Senate gets involved tomorrow. » 12/10/08 9:35pm 12/10/08 9:35pm

Map Of Every Domestic Automaker Manufacturing Site Reveals The Extent…

People say "Detroit" deserves to fail. Maybe, but as you can tell by the map below of every manufacturing facility from the domestic automakers, they'll take pretty much the entire Midwest with 'em. » 12/10/08 7:30pm 12/10/08 7:30pm

White House Loan Deal For Not-So-Big Three Is "Bankruptcy Lite"

The bailout loan's no longer just a $15 billion bridge loan for the not-so-Big Three to make it until the Obama administration, it's actually "bankruptcy lite." It's also a really good idea. » 12/10/08 12:15pm 12/10/08 12:15pm

Nevada Sen. John Ensign May Stall Auto Bailout, Thinks Casinos Deserve…

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nevada) told CNBC this morning he's not happy with the auto bailout bill. The Senator from Vegas is so unhappy he's willing to gamble on a real bankruptcy occurring while he tries to figure out how to make a pre-packaged bankruptcy occur. But don't think Ensign's making his decision on high-minded… » 12/09/08 9:30am 12/09/08 9:30am

Full Text Of The Not-So-Big Three Automaker Bailout Bill

We're not usually ones for jamming our thumbs into our own eyes. Be that as it may, we're going to start sifting through the full discussion text of the automaker not-a-bailout bill entitled: "To authorize financial assistance to eligible automobile manufacturers, and for other purposes." Sounds thrilling, doesn't it?… » 12/08/08 4:50pm 12/08/08 4:50pm

The Five Emotional Stages Of The Carpocalypse

As is true for all tragedies, the Carpocalypse and subsequent failure of the U.S. automakers has encouraged a wide array of reactions ranging from overwhelming patriotism to over-exaggerated panic. We look at the five most common responses below. » 12/08/08 4:40pm 12/08/08 4:40pm

Not-So-Big Three "Bailout" Loan Agreement Could Come Today

A bailout bridge loan plan for the not-so-Big Three drawing emergency aid from an existing pool of $25 billion for green vehicle R&D and including a Cabinet-level oversight board could come as early as today. » 12/08/08 7:40am 12/08/08 7:40am

Barney Frank Does Not Want To Drive Your Chick Magnet

Representative Shelley Moore Capito, R-West Virginia, lacking any desire to make a contribution to the not-so-Big Three hearings, decided to inject some levity into the proceedings by naming all of the vehicles her family's owned including a Chrysler station wagon named "Chick Magnet" but then quickly apologized. Why? » 12/05/08 3:30pm 12/05/08 3:30pm

Everyone's Using The "B-Word" Except The Not-So-Big Three

After scrutinizing not-so-Big Three CEO's testimony before the Senate yesterday to see who would and would not utter the dreaded "b-word" we noticed a pattern. Everyone was willing to publicly acknowledge the possibility except the chairmen of Ford, Chrysler and GM. If you don't say it, it can't happen right? hat tip… » 12/05/08 2:00pm 12/05/08 2:00pm

The Official Not-So-Big Three Congressional Hearing Drinking Game!

We know it's the middle of the day, but it's Friday and we ain't got shit to do other than watch this three-ring not-so-Big Three circus. Luckily, a friend sent in an idea for a drinking game. Their rules below the jump, let's make up some of our own in the comments. » 12/05/08 12:25pm 12/05/08 12:25pm

How The Not-So Big Three Rolled Into Washington, D.C.

The not-so-Big Three learned from their corporate travel mistake deciding to drive to D.C. this week for testimony before Congress. Thanks to our man on the scene, here's a look at the cars they chose and their meaning. » 12/05/08 10:00am 12/05/08 10:00am

Report: GM, Chrysler Consider Bankruptcy For Federal Bailout Loan

The CEOs of the not-so-Big Three made it to DC for committee hearings beginning today at 10:00 AM. According to Bloomberg's sources, GM and Chrysler execs are considering a pre-arranged bankruptcy (which we've already said is a good thing) as a last-resort of getting a multibillion-dollar government loan. » 12/04/08 8:40am 12/04/08 8:40am

Automobile: Detroit's Ten Most Relevant Products

The crew at Automobile's come up with ten cars lawmakers and pundits should keep in mind before letting the Carpocalypse consume the not-so-Big Three — and for once, it doesn't include the Ford F-150 or Chevy Corvette. » 12/03/08 1:00pm 12/03/08 1:00pm

President-Elect Obama: No Blank Check For Automakers

One of the first questions President-Elect Obama received at a major economic press conference held today related to the auto industry and, after stock comment about the importance of the industry and the responsibility of the government to assure it doesn't vanish, Obama makes the point they can't simply write a… » 11/24/08 2:30pm 11/24/08 2:30pm

MSNBC Confuses Not-So-Big Three With Al Qaeda

We wonder if the automakers wouldn't have such a hard time getting help, wouldn't be on the receiving end of an ultimatum » 11/21/08 6:20pm 11/21/08 6:20pm, if they weren't such when it comes to presenting their case. All that being said, sometimes we wonder if the media isn't making them seem worse than they are. For example, Chris Matthews attmepts…

Congress Gives Not-So-Big Three An Ultimatum

After some members of Congress excoriated the leaders of the not-so-Big Three for wasting money » 11/21/08 11:00am 11/21/08 11:00am and not planning for their future, leadership from the Senate and House said they wouldn't give the automakers billions of dollars until they came up with a plan for not wasting money and setting up their own future.…