A Grown-Ass Man's Guide To Super-Hard Old Nintendo Games

This is a thing about playing old NES games that I couldn't beat as a kid to see if I could beat them now as an adult, but let me tell you this first: I had sex while wearing a Power Glove not that long ago. It's maybe the most impressive thing that I've ever accomplished in my whole entire life. The backstory to pull… » 6/13/14 4:23pm 6/13/14 4:23pm

Autoteile!: Factory Ads for Porsche 356 Parts Suppliers

Porsche 356 fans for whom the sum of the parts are as important as the cars themselves need only look toward Charlie White's collection of factory ads and brochures for the mother lode of nostalgia. With ads for Porsche suppliers like Getrag transmissions, Blaupunkt radios and Solex carbs among them, White's online… » 10/17/05 11:33am 10/17/05 11:33am