Backyard Lambo Of The Day: Cadillac Northstar-Powered Diablo

If you're going to put a Detroit V8 with FWD transaxle amidships in your Fauxborghini and for some reason the Olds Toronado 425 (or even the 500-cube powerplant from a 1970 Eldorado) doesn't do it for you, how about the readily available Cadillac Northstar? That's what we've got here, and it can be yours for just… »12/05/08 5:00pm12/05/08 5:00pm

Cadillac Northstars Finally Appearing In Self-Service Junkyards

I remember a time in the early 1990s when small-block Chevy HEI distributors finally started showing up in large numbers in the cheap self-service junkyards; those of us driving Chevy-powered heaps could rejoice at being freed from the misery of ignition points for a mere ten bucks. Now that point has been reached… »4/23/08 3:00pm4/23/08 3:00pm

The Splinter All-Wood Supercar Is Real, Not Giant Fictional Ninja Rat

When we first saw the Splinter wooden supercar back in February, it was one of those "oh yeah, right, a wooden supercar, whatever" situations. We thought the Splinter was a flight of fancy — nothing more than crazy auto-loving NC State kids being crazy auto-loving NC State kids. We were wrong. Splinter's just made… »4/23/08 11:20am4/23/08 11:20am

PCH, Northstar Swap Edition: Toyota MR2 or Pontiac Fiero?

Since yesterday's Packard Straight Eight Swap Edition (which was won by the '37 Pontiac) was so much fun, we're going to stick with Alternative Powerplant Hell for another day. All engine swaps are fun, of course, but the best ones involve stuffing an engine much, much larger than anything the car's designers ever… »4/18/08 5:20pm4/18/08 5:20pm