Noble Might Do Better If It Puts A Smaller Engine Into The M600

Noble needs to make money. One way to do that is to make it easier to get outside of Europe, so the M600 could be getting a smaller engine, but only in the Asian markets to avoid higher taxes. Meantime, America is off the list of the small British carmaker’s priorities since it can’t afford to crash five M600s to get… »7/08/15 6:05pm7/08/15 6:05pm


That 650-Horsepower Polish Supercar Is Apparently Going To Be Built

The last time we heard from Polish supercar maker Arrinera, they may or may not have been a scam, but either way, a journalist was getting sued for calling them that. But I suppose that's all water under the bridge now, because Arrinera's car, the Arrinera Hussarya, finally has a timetable for production. »6/11/14 3:11pm6/11/14 3:11pm

Polish Supercar Boss Responds To Kit-Car Scam Allegations

Recently, an automotive journalist alleged the builder of the Polish Arrinera supercar appeared to passing off a Lamborghini replicar as its own product, possibly to work a stock-market angle for VENO S.A., an investor in the company. Today, Arrinera CEO Lukasz Tomkiewicz disputes the claim in an extensive statement. »5/28/12 10:00am5/28/12 10:00am

Cracked Up Noble M400 On eBay, Maybe Bigger Brakes Are In Order

Would you love to have a Noble but can't wait for the M600 and don't have the scratch to buy a new M400? It's your lucky day because there's a gently crash 2007 Noble M400 just waiting for you in Indiana. On top of being a sweet shade of p**sy magnet yellow and having only 8706 miles, it only needs a radiator,… »5/22/08 2:20pm5/22/08 2:20pm