I'm Really Hoping This Nissan Crossover Concept Isn't The Next Z

I held off on reporting this batshit crazy rumor from the UK’s Autocar, mainly because it seemed way too out of left field to possibly be true and also because I don’t want it to be true. But now that Nissan has released this shadowy teaser image, I think I have to take us to a potentially uncomfortable place. »9/08/15 7:15pm9/08/15 7:15pm

Oh, Good: The Nissan 370Z Gets Speaker Engine Noises Now

The Nissan 370Z is getting a little long in the tooth these days. So what does Nissan do to keep it current? Did they add a turbocharged engine, or make it lose some weight, or give it a dual-clutch gearbox? Nope, they added one of the most hated new technologies on cars instead: engine sounds through the speakers. »4/09/15 10:00pm4/09/15 10:00pm

A History Of Nissan Z Commercials As Ranked On A Scale Of John Oates Mustaches

In the great pantheon of automotive TV commercials, one ad stands above all the others. It harkens back to a time when men were real men and women rode around in their luxuriously-appointed Japanese sportscars. It is visually stunning and features an incredible soundtrack. It is ridiculous beyond all comprehension… »3/31/13 12:30pm3/31/13 12:30pm

Nissan 370Z Info Shows Up In Japanese Car Mag, Bigger Engine On The Way

Though you should always take what you learn from Japanese car magazine scans with a grain of salt, things we're hearing about the forthcoming Nissan 350Z seem to line up with what was caught in this mag by a FreshAlloy forum member. First, we reported that the new Nissan 350Z would likely bow at the LA Auto Show, and… »3/11/08 2:15pm3/11/08 2:15pm