Nissan rescues dead electric cars with gas-guzzling diesel trucks

The Nissan Leaf electric car's advertised purpose is protecting the environment. But with an advertised range of 100 miles-per-charge and a propensity for running out of juice early and with little warning, the company's solution in Japan involves chucking that "save the earth" nonsense out the window in favor of a… » 6/08/11 10:30am 6/08/11 10:30am

Nissan Leaf: Priced At $32,780 Or $25,280 With Gov't Electric Car…

The Nissan Leaf is the first mass-marketed electric car and will cost just $25,280... after a $7,500 federal handout and before you spend $2,200 on a charging station. And they'll probably still lose money it. » 3/30/10 11:00am 3/30/10 11:00am

Nissan Planning To Resell Used Leaf Batteries

One of the big questions surrounding full-electric vehicles is what to do with the batteries after they've exceeded their in-vehicle life. Well, Nissan's partnered with Sumitomo in a plan to resell the Nissan Leaf's batteries for residential and commercial uses. » 10/22/09 1:00pm 10/22/09 1:00pm

Nissan Leaf EV: The Electric Model T

The Nissan Leaf EV graced the stage at the Tokyo Motor Show today. And while it didn't feature Carlos Ghosn's decapitated head, the mass-production electric vehicle is clearly more important. » 10/21/09 11:00am 10/21/09 11:00am

Nissan EV Claims 367 MPGe, Tells Volt To Shove it

Nissan's taking it to Chevy's 230 MPG Volt "rating" with the recently-revealed Leaf EV's 367 MPGe ("e" means "equivalent" MPG as it's all-electric) "rating." Which standard's better? Nobody knows. But we so love a good automaker PR standards slap-fight! [Autoweek] » 8/14/09 9:30am 8/14/09 9:30am