Nissan GT-R Hits Tow Hitch, Causes $18,000 Repair Bill

A UK driver took his Nissan GT-R head-first into a stopped-too-fast van's tow hitch. It caused what you'd think would be fairly minor damage, until you count the pedestrian safety system going off. Total repair bill? An astonishing $18,355! » 11/16/09 10:30am 11/16/09 10:30am

Godzilla Smash! Another Totaled Nissan GT-R

After seeing the Nissan GT-R crashed in America » 10/14/08 12:30pm 10/14/08 12:30pm, , , and , we've found another. This white GT-R, with just 349 miles on the odometer, has shown up totaled in a Nashville auction yard. It's said to have about $55,000 worth of damage, so we're not sure anyone is going to bid very much when it hits the block today. No…