2015 Nissan Frontier: (We're Almost Positive) This Is It

Front and rear photos of a completely uncamouflaged, obviously new, small Nissan Pickup are making their way across the internet via the Nissan Navara Club Thailand. It sure looks like the genuine article and I dare say, Nissan has done a nice job porting their swoopy styling to a pickup truck. »6/06/14 12:13pm6/06/14 12:13pm

Nissan Is Definitely Planning A Cummins Diesel Frontier

The tarp won't come off this "technical study" Frontier for another ninety minutes, but there's no mistaking the Cummins diesel badge on the front fenders. Cummins reps milling around the stage eliminate any traces of doubt that Nissan is serious about being a serious player in the truck efficiency arms race. »2/06/14 10:09am2/06/14 10:09am

FTC Spends 2 Years Deciding Punishment For Nissan, Decides 'Fuck It'

The FTC settled its grievance with Nissan and their ad agency TWBA for the "unrealistic" ads they made for the Frontier in 2012, prohibiting them "from using deceptive demonstrations in advertisements for pickup trucks." Since that was already illegal, this settlement is just as bullshit as the ads themselves. »1/23/14 2:40pm1/23/14 2:40pm

Science Smackdown: Nissan Frontier Snowboarding Ad

This one's a bit less heinous than the airplane-using-the-truck-as-landing-gear one, but it's still pretty stupid. You would think there would be plenty of genuine, existing things you could show a 4-wheel drive truck doing to support snowboarders, but I suppose that was all too boring for the brain of that 7-year-old… »2/13/12 2:56pm2/13/12 2:56pm