Detroit Auto Show: Nissan Forum Concept Parenting Tech, Explained

My quick question-and-answer session with one of the Nissan Forum's product managers didn't give me a chance to see everything that the Nissan Forum is packing. So I sent our intrepid video reported back to capture more features on this conceptual parenting-mobile. I can't believe I missed the the Bose speakers and… »1/18/08 3:30pm1/18/08 3:30pm


Detroit Auto Show: Nissan Forum Concept Family Vehicle Has Time Out Button, Microwave, Nanny Cam

Modestly described as "the ultimate family vehicle," the Nissan Forum Concept is pretty much a rolling home away from home. This capacious vehicle features a couple key features to accommodate any growing brood. My favorite option is the "Time Out" button located on the steering wheel. It will terminate the broadcast… »1/15/08 1:45pm1/15/08 1:45pm