Detroit Auto Show: Nissan Forum Concept Parenting Tech, Explained

My quick question-and-answer session with one of the Nissan Forum's product managers didn't give me a chance to see everything that the Nissan Forum is packing. So I sent our intrepid video reported back to capture more features on this conceptual parenting-mobile. I can't believe I missed the the Bose speakers and… » 1/18/08 3:30pm 1/18/08 3:30pm

Detroit Auto Show: Nissan Forum Concept Family Vehicle Has Time Out Button, Microwave, Nanny Cam

Modestly described as "the ultimate family vehicle," the Nissan Forum Concept is pretty much a rolling home away from home. This capacious vehicle features a couple key features to accommodate any growing brood. My favorite option is the "Time Out" button located on the steering wheel. It will terminate the broadcast… » 1/15/08 1:45pm 1/15/08 1:45pm

Detroit Auto Show: Nissan Reveals "Revolutionary" Forum Minivan Concept

Nissan's long strip tease over the new Forum concept is finally over — we now can show you the official pictures and details of what we'll be seeing live and in person at the Detroit Auto Show next month. We had a chance to touch the new Forum in Vegas at an embargoed event one evening and we can tell you, it's — umm… » 12/18/07 12:00pm 12/18/07 12:00pm

Detroit Auto Show: Nissan Reveals Hot Forum Concept Backseat Action

What you see here is the latest in a string of drawings of the new Nissan Forum concept minivan revealed by the company. You'll notice the Chrysler-esque revolving middle seat, a feature we imagine will be standard on all minivans over the next few years. But whereas the Chrysler minivan seats are revolving captain's… » 12/12/07 11:30am 12/12/07 11:30am

Nissan Forum Concept Interior Drawings

We've mentioned the Nissan Forum Concept before, which is going to debut at the the Detroit Auto Show and give us some hints as to where the next Quest is going to be. In addition to the radical styling, the Mommy wagon is going to be packed with kid/dad/driver distracting technologies such as an advanced Bose Media… » 11/30/07 10:45am 11/30/07 10:45am