2015 Infiniti QX80 Gets A Facelift, Still Looks Like A Cyborg Bull

The 2015 Infiniti QX80 has been subtly tweaked to look a little more closely related to the Q50 sedan and get a larger rear bumper. It's a little sleeker up front, but the style is still polarizing. A "Limited" trim with even more chrome will also join the lineup for 2015. » 4/16/14 8:35am Wednesday 8:35am

For $2,500, Should This Freaky Falcon Fly?

While Frankenstein's monster was constructed from the parts of multiple dead individuals, at least all his parts came from dudes. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Ford Falcon is an amalgamation of brands that will keep both the DMV and the parts counter guy guessing, but will it and its price have you reaching for your … » 3/19/14 8:00am 3/19/14 8:00am

Nissan Deletes Hilarious Zinger Tweet Aimed At Tesla

Tesla Motors suffered a crushing defeat in New Jersey last week that resulted in a ban on direct sales of their cars starting in April, but Nissan's Twitter account was quick to let you know you can still buy a Leaf in the Garden State. Neener-neener, Tesla! » 3/18/14 3:30pm 3/18/14 3:30pm

That Picture Of That Guy Holding Nissan's New Engine Is Photoshopped

Oh, Nissan. Why do you tease us so? First you taunt us with your lovely but frustratingly not-yet-available prototypes, and now we find that the picture of a man holding your new 400 HP, 3 cylinder Le Mans engine is heavily photoshopped? Come on, Nissan, stop jerking us around and just find someone who can actually » 2/04/14 12:40pm 2/04/14 12:40pm

Nissan IDx at Irvine Cars and Coffee

Today Nissan stopped by Cars and Coffee Irvine during its IDx in Socal event. I was there as the cars arrived to get some pictures and hobnob with Nissan PR folks and get as much information about the car. I didn't learn anything new from Nissan, even though I bribed them with Girl Scout cookies (what sort of human… » 2/02/14 8:40am 2/02/14 8:40am

Nissan's New Le Mans Engine Has 400 HP And Can Fit In Your Hands

It's cliche to say "Good things come in small packages," but that's absolutely true in the world of racing, where teams strive to make cars and their components as small and light as possible to save weight. Judging by the size of their new Le Mans engine, it looks like Nissan succeeded. » 1/27/14 9:00am 1/27/14 9:00am

Nissan Patrol. ‘Hero of All Terrain’ driven in Jordan

Travelling to Jordan for a facelift would probably be discouraged by your medical adviser. Well, unless your medical adviser was a self-certified car nut, realised you were talking about the latest incarnation of the Nissan Patrol and had the opportunity to drive one across some of the most beautiful scenery the Middle … » 1/23/14 8:35am 1/23/14 8:35am

Nissan Is Probably Cooking Up A New Turbo Z

Get excited, kids. Nissan reportedly has some very kickass sports car plans in the works. We already know their hot BRZ-fighting Nissan IDx has been greenlit for production, but there's more, including a possible return of the Turbo Z. » 1/20/14 10:00am 1/20/14 10:00am

The Nissan IDx Is A Pornographic Interpretation Of A Modern Datsun 510

It sure was nice of Nissan to use their controversial dream-invasion technology to find out what cars we desire most and not just broadcast all our pervy nighttime fantasies, unlike some carmakers I could mention. Here's some nice car porny pictures of the results of that research, the IDx concepts we saw in Detroit. » 1/16/14 12:00pm 1/16/14 12:00pm

What’s driving women away from engineering and auto?

Lauren Fix is known to most as The Car Coach. The auto industry vet went to work for her father's brake company as a teenager, engineering a disc brake system for the 1965-1967 Ford Mustang. She's been racing cars all her life (even during a pregnancy), and later owned and headed a driving school. Now she shares her… » 1/13/14 2:25pm 1/13/14 2:25pm

The Nissan Sports Sedan Concept Is The Maxima's Return To 4DSC

Thanks to some eavesdropping, we've got the very first full images of Nissan's new Sport Sedan Concept, and it's pretty striking. We've seen it teased in artfully-frustrating low-light shots before, but this is the first full reveal. And it's so very orange. » 1/13/14 11:20am 1/13/14 11:20am

Could Nissan's Detroit Sports Sedan Concept Be A Datsun 510 Revival?

Either Nissan really needs to invest in some lights for their photography studio, or they just like being all emo about their upcoming cars, because they've just shown another barely-lit shot of their Detroit Auto Show concept. It appears to be a new sport/sedan concept. » 12/31/13 1:20pm 12/31/13 1:20pm