The Next-Gen 'Rush' and the 24-hour Dream

Freddie Hunt on his first 24-hour race, the final showdown in F1 and recreating 'Rush' as a - literally - next-generation documentary. » 1/16/15 5:40pm 1/16/15 5:40pm

​Niki Lauda Thinks Modern F1 Cars Are Bullshit

We want a better Formula 1. Cars at the cutting edge of technology and freakishly skilled drivers to manhandle them. We're not alone. And Niki Lauda has some ideas. » 10/04/14 4:01pm 10/04/14 4:01pm

Ferrari 458 Italia "Niki Lauda Edition" For Sale

I've gotten some feedback from our European readers, that CarBuying should cover more in regards to the international market. Well, this one is for you. Edo Competition in Germany has this custom ordered "Niki Lauda Edition" 458 listed for only 285,000 Euro (aprox 386k USD). » 7/16/14 9:04am 7/16/14 9:04am

Watch Niki Lauda Race James Hunt, But Not Like You Think

Welcome to Sunday Matinee, where we highlight classic car reviews or other longer videos I find on YouTube. Kick back and enjoy this blast from the past. » 11/03/13 5:05pm 11/03/13 5:05pm

Is Marketing Why RUSH Is Stalling Out In Theaters?

Like many of you, I was despondent to learn that Ron Howard's superb RUSH isn't exactly lighting up the box office like its roaring Formula One cars light up their tires. That's surprising considering the film's critical acclaim. Then I started to wonder: did the ad blitz for RUSH sidestep its most compelling story? » 10/04/13 12:38pm 10/04/13 12:38pm

Niki Lauda Poses With Young Soccer Player

A picture from the Singapore GP on British website showed "David Beckham posing with an elderly fan" at the Singapore Grand Prix. That "elderly fan" was three time F1 champion and living legend Niki Lauda. Whoops. » 9/25/13 10:40am 9/25/13 10:40am

Niki Lauda's Ferrari Van From Rush Is Up For Grabs

Excited about the upcoming Rush movie? So are we! And this vantastic Renault Estafette from the set can be yours even before it hits the screens. » 8/15/13 9:12am 8/15/13 9:12am

What Did Niki Lauda Say To Luca di Montezemolo At The LaFerrari Premier?

I took this shot just moments before Ferrari finally presented the LaFerrari, which I will keep calling the F70 when surrounded by friends. Luca di Montezemolo looks doubtful. » 3/05/13 5:00pm 3/05/13 5:00pm

COTD: Niki Lauda Edition

We've told the story of the legendary Austrian F1 driver Niki Lauda before, but it always deserves a retelling. He crashed and burned on the Nürburgring and was back competing for the title in just six weeks. » 6/01/12 5:15pm 6/01/12 5:15pm

Who Crashed A $3.4 Million Ferrari On The Set Of Rush?

Racing cars are meant to race, not sit in garages and rot away. But racing means crashing, and this picture of a broken Ferrari 312T2 — a Formula One car from the late 70s — on the set of Ron Howard's Rush is one sad reminder of the fact. » 5/01/12 2:00pm 5/01/12 2:00pm

Is Ron Howard's Rush Taking Artistic Liberties With Racing History?

For his James Hunt/Niki Lauda biopic, Rush, director Ron Howard appears to be recreating a 1970 F3 race that helped shape the legend of Hunt, the mercurial 1970s Formula One champ and shag-o-lator. Of course, Hunt's arch-rival Niki Lauda was there too. Or was he? » 4/27/12 10:30am 4/27/12 10:30am

See The Pivotal Rescue Scene From Ron Howard's Rush

The key moment in the rivalry between F1 legends Niki Lauda and James Hunt was Lauda's near-fatal crash on the Nürburgring in 1976. It will now also be the fiery centerpiece for Ron Howard's upcoming film Rush, and a man walking his dog happened to record the whole scene as it was being filmed. » 4/11/12 1:30pm 4/11/12 1:30pm

How’s This For A Flamboyant Drop Of The Checkered Flag?

Mark this airborne dance move as one of those antics which are dangerous looking, not that dangerous, but still dangerous enough never to be allowed in Formula One again that you’ll have to go back to the ’70s to see. » 4/03/12 10:00am 4/03/12 10:00am

Ron Howard's F1 Film “Rush” Will Make The '70s Look Sexy

James Hunt was a sex-crazed playboy. Niki Lauda was nearly consumed in flames. They both raced in one of the most thrilling, dangerous eras in Formula One. Here is a look inside Rush, Ron Howard's upcoming film about their rivalry and motor racing in the ‘70s. » 3/27/12 1:30pm 3/27/12 1:30pm

"Bourne" director choosing between awesome F1 film or Tom Hanks

Paul Greengrass, the man responsible for the "Bourne" movies, may make a film about Niki Lauda's 1976 Formula 1 battle with James Hunt. Or he could shoot Tom Hanks as a freighter captain fending off Somali pirates. Here's our vote. » 6/02/11 3:15pm 6/02/11 3:15pm

James Hunt Bedded 33 Flight Attendants In Two Weeks

A new biography of Formula One’s 1976 world champion makes Brett Favre and Tiger Woods sheepish schoolboys by comparison. It all begins with the 1976 title race—and 33 British Airways flight attendants. » 10/18/10 5:30pm 10/18/10 5:30pm

What the Pagani Zonda R’s Insane Nürburgring Record Really Means

6:48 versus the ultimate record of 6:11 means a quasi-production car is now within 10% of the time set in the fastest Porsche sports prototype by a man who made Ayrton Senna look timid. Let’s dive into some numbers. » 8/02/10 10:00am 8/02/10 10:00am

Brabham BT46B Fan Car: Making Lemonade From Lemons

The BT46B—also known as the Fan Car—was a cunning Gordon Murray racer, designed to one-up the dominant Lotus 79 in the 1978 Formula One season. » 1/07/10 1:30pm 1/07/10 1:30pm

The Dork, The Fop and The Stud

Remarkably, this photograph is not a blogpost from Nerd Boyfriend. It is Scuderia Ferrari in 1974: drivers Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni flank their manager, a very young Luca di Montezemolo. » 10/02/09 2:30pm 10/02/09 2:30pm