Shots From Singapore Formula 1 Night Race Show An Amazing Light Show

This past weekend's Singapore Grand Prix »9/29/08 12:45pm9/29/08 12:45pm, the first-ever night race in Formula One, was guaranteed to grab the attention of even the most disenfranchised F1 fan. But why is that exactly? In a word, "unpredictability." The clear reason so many people have become bored with F1 is not because the cars aren't fast enough,…


Details of Singapore Grand Prix, F1's First Night Race Emerge

They may not be getting new Formula One engines anytime soon, but F1 fans will get to enjoy the first-ever F1 night race in 2008. The Singapore Grand Prix is set to start at 8:00 pm local time, making it the darkest F1 race in history. Italian lighting firm Valerio Maioli S.p.a. will use a state-of-the-art system to… »12/13/07 9:45am12/13/07 9:45am