Days of Thunder! eBay Bonanza!

In 1994, there was a girl. She was coveted by numerous boys at the fortnightly college paper. She was aloof, engaging, pretty and goofy with a sadistic streak that'd skin you crosswise if you tried her patience hard enough. She had precisely no idea how hot she actually was. In 1994, there was a chair. It was covered… » 5/16/07 11:45pm 5/16/07 11:45pm

FoMoCo's Woes Continue: Nicole Kidman Crashes Jaguar Into Pole

First $12.7 billion, and now this. The skinny; the Ex Mrs. Tom Cruise was filming a scene for her new film, The Invasion, when the tow rig hauling her Jag around went off course. The AP story is a bit muddled, but either Nicole or a stunt person (or both) smacked into a light post on Sixth St. in Downtown LA. Eight… » 1/25/07 5:22pm 1/25/07 5:22pm

Nicole Kidman's Got A Nice Bentley cute. Nicole Kidman already has her new hubby trained and everything — TMZ's got this video from Nashville of new ball-and-chain Keith Urban opening the door for his new bride at every stop the couple made...even when she was driving. That's got to be kind of awkward — "Honey, could you hit the unlock button… » 7/06/06 12:00pm 7/06/06 12:00pm