Mercedes Formula One Driver Nico Rosberg Uses Maxi Pads

So, maxi pads: they're these things for menstruation. A woman's miserable-time. Surely, you've seen the commercials, or if not, Deadspin has a thorough explainer. Only, for obvious reasons, Nico Rosberg doesn't use them like that. He told Sky Sports at the extremely muggy Malaysia race that he uses them to absorb… » 3/27/15 9:43am Friday 9:43am

Team Radio Proves Hamilton Was Suspicious About Rosberg's Off At Monaco

Let's be honest, stuff like this is why the idea of limiting team radio communication was a bad idea. Lewis Hamilton's team radio during Monaco qualifying released in the official Formula One 2014 season review proves that Hamilton believes Rosberg went off intentionally to screw him out of pole. » 12/21/14 3:18pm 12/21/14 3:18pm

Nico Rosberg Takes Pole At Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton may be ahead in points of Nico Rosberg for the Formula One World Driver's Championship, but Rosberg's going to make winning that difficult. Nico qualified in first during today's qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, ahead of Hamilton by 0.386 seconds. » 11/22/14 11:29am 11/22/14 11:29am

Mercedes In Urgent Contract Talks With Lewis Hamilton

Per, Mercedes Formula One boss Toto Wolff wants to get into contract talks as soon as possible to keep both Lewis Hamilton as well as Nico Rosberg on the team for the forseeable future. This would shut the door on a Fernando Alonso to Mercedes move as well for Hamilton going back to McLaren. » 11/17/14 1:02pm 11/17/14 1:02pm

Here's What Happens When You Call F1 Driver Nico Rosberg "Lewis"

Pretty much what you'd expect. I'm guessing the reporter confused him for fellow Mercedes AMG driver Lewis Hamilton? All those racing drivers look alike to lots of people. » 6/23/14 11:45pm 6/23/14 11:45pm

Exclusive interview: Mercedes AMG F1 star Nico Rosberg

The gap to Red Bull Racing may ultimately have been huge, but nevertheless last season Mercedes AMG F1 did a good job to move up to second place in the World Championship last year. Between them, drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton logged three wins in a year when victories were hard to come by for anyone not… » 1/22/14 10:55am 1/22/14 10:55am

Watch Lewis Hamilton And Nico Rosberg Lap The ‘Ring In Classic F1 Cars

Back before KERS, DRS, paddle shifters and onboard computers, Formula One racing cars were basically just huge engines that happened to have wheels and transmissions attached for the sake of convenience. Could two drivers from the modern era even handle them? » 7/16/13 10:27am 7/16/13 10:27am

When Rosbergs Win, Fun Chaos Ensues

The early 1970s in Formula One may have been weird but they were nothing compared to the 1982 season. A confluence of regulation changes, technological advances, outsize personalities, political- and fistfights, fatal accidents and feuds turned it into a cauldron of weirdness. And it was won by the unlikeliest… » 4/24/12 12:30pm 4/24/12 12:30pm

Yeah, Sebastian Vettel Totally Can’t Overtake

It wasn’t until his wheels-on-grass outside pass on Fernando Alonso at the 2011 Italian Grand Prix, which paved the way to his 18th victory, that people kind of shut up about Sebastian Vettel’s lack of overtaking abilities. In Melbourne, at the 2012 season’s first race, he provided further proof that he’s not a… » 3/26/12 10:00am 3/26/12 10:00am

Ride Along For A Lap In The New Mercedes W03 F1 Car

Mercedes decided to give us a first look at their new W03 they will be campaigning in F1 by strapping a video camera to Nico Rosberg helmet while he took a lap around Silverstone Circuit last week. » 2/19/12 4:00pm 2/19/12 4:00pm

The 2011 Monaco Grand Prix in Crayola

A third of the way into the season, and here’s Monaco. It takes brains to win at Monaco. It also takes luck. And more luck. This year’s race was a showcase of what’s awesome about this antediluvian Grand Prix, and also of what makes Monaco so terribly irritating, for 2011 was a teeth-gnashing coitus interruptus of a… » 5/30/11 4:00pm 5/30/11 4:00pm

Watch Rosberg's and Perez's Monaco Grand Prix crashes side-by-side

There was an eerie similarity to the crashes of Sergio Perez (left) and Nico Rosberg (right) during the run-up to the Monaco Grand Prix. One major difference separated them, however. Perez hit a safety barrier. Rosberg miraculously skidded past it. » 5/28/11 6:00pm 5/28/11 6:00pm

Yet another ingenious Jenson Button pass

The 2010 F1 season’s best pass was executed by Jenson Button in Montreal. This year, in a sea of fake passing, he stole the show again with a brilliant deceptive move on Nico Rosberg at the Turkish Grand Prix. » 5/18/11 12:30pm 5/18/11 12:30pm

The 2011 Turkish Grand Prix in Crayola

After a three-week spring break, Formula One returned to within 25 miles of its European heartland to see if there’s anyone stopping Red Bull this year. At Istanbul Park’s swan song Grand Prix, many tried. Warning: spoilers. » 5/09/11 4:00pm 5/09/11 4:00pm

The 2011 Australian Grand Prix in Crayola

After a winter off-season extended by the cancellation of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Formula One finally returned on a windy autumn afternoon in Melbourne. Four months without a Grand Prix, it would have been a fun race even if it weren’t fun. But it was fun. Warning: spoilers. » 3/28/11 4:00pm 3/28/11 4:00pm

Why Mercedes will win F1 in 2011

It's very simple, really. The best racing cars tend to be gorgeous. And while the 2011 crop of F1 cars is generally very handsome, it is Mercedes’s W02 that's the flat-out drop-dead beauty. » 2/11/11 12:40pm 2/11/11 12:40pm

The 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix

With a rash of new teams, an unretired Michael Schumacher, and a very balanced field, the 61st season of Formula One has kicked off in the sands of Arabia. Spoilers below. » 3/15/10 1:00pm 3/15/10 1:00pm

Barrichello To Rosberg: "Get Out Of There!"

Rubens Barrichello knows about racing with Michael Schumacher and had this to say when asked for some advice for Schumi's new "co-driver" Nico Rosberg: "Yeah. Get out of there!" It's the sound of the world's smallest second fiddle. [@Foreversideways] » 2/02/10 9:00am 2/02/10 9:00am

Schumi's New Ride: 2010 Mercedes F1 Car Livery Unveiled

Here's the paint job for the Mercedes-Petronas RB1 Formula 1 car Michael Schumacher will pilot either to a George Foreman-like comeback or Brett Favre-like disappointment. Oh, and Nico Rosberg will race one, too. (Photo: PATRICK HERTZOG/AFP/Getty Images) » 1/25/10 3:00pm 1/25/10 3:00pm