At Least One F1 Driver Will Run Porsche's Third Car At Le Mans

Just days after triple-quadruple-pinkie-swearing that a Formula One pilot would not be driving Porsche's third car at Le Mans next year, Porsche announced Nico Hulkenberg as one of the third car's drivers. Hulkenberg will be the first F1 driver since Sebastien Bourdais in 2009 to do Le Mans during an F1 season. »11/27/14 4:42pm11/27/14 4:42pm

Kiwis And Steak Sauce: Germany's Nico Hulkenberg Takes Double Win In New Zealand A1GP

Although you're probably more interested in the "grid girls" — Team Germany's Nico Hulkenberg took the double win in Taupo, New Zealand, running in first place from start to finish in both the morning Sprint race as well as the afternoon Feature race. The win times two puts Hulkenberg's highly precise team firmly in… »1/21/07 3:47pm1/21/07 3:47pm

The Rain In Sepang Smokes Pole: Switzerland's Jani Loses To German Hlkenberg's Imprecise Driving

After Neel Jani took the pole yesterday and turned it into a win during the sprint race this morning, the race gods decided they'd had quite enough Swiss dominance for one weekend — opening the heavens up half an hour before the start of the feature race, forcing a start behind the pace safety (damn this silly A1GP… »11/26/06 3:58pm11/26/06 3:58pm