Epic Chinese Car Ad Is Proof That Nic Cage Still Needs Money

Nic Cage didn't earn his reputation as "America's sweetheart" for no reason. No sir. The man acted in National Treasure, Gone In 60 Seconds, Ghost Rider, and many other high caliber films. But now he takes on his greatest acting challenge: An ad for the BAIC Senova D-Series. And he nails it! » 5/14/13 12:39pm 5/14/13 12:39pm

First clip from Ghost Rider shows off Nic Cage's new "hellified" bike

Now that we know that everything Nic Cage rides as Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider 2 becomes hellified (even, er, ladies) let's take a look at his hellified motorcycle in this first-ever clip form Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, which premiered last night at the Scream Awards. » 10/20/11 10:00am 10/20/11 10:00am

Nic Cage's new Drive Angry trailer delivers explosions and undead sass

The latest trailer for Nic Cage's undead car movie, Drive Angry, is delivering a 3-D hatchet to your face. Watch Cage blow up cars and light things on fire, on a mission to save his grandkid from the devil. » 10/15/10 1:05pm 10/15/10 1:05pm

Nic Cage Explains Why the Damned Love to Drive

We got our first look at the trailer for Nic Cage's muscle car and hellfire fueled rampage Drive Angry. Plus, we talked to Cage himself and asked why he plays so many supernatural characters that are literally Hell on wheels. » 7/29/10 9:20am 7/29/10 9:20am

Nicholas Cage In Trouble Over Unpaid Rolls Royces

In 2007, actor Nicolas Cage leased a 1964 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III worth a cool $550K and a not-as-cool 2002 Corniche. When he lost his shirt in the stock market, he returned 'em. Now he's got a $240K bill. » 3/15/10 12:30pm 3/15/10 12:30pm