Takata Just Got Slapped With The Largest Civil Penalty In NHTSA History, Up To $200 Million

Thanks to its practice of making exploding airbags that had a habit of filling vehicle occupants with shrapnel, Takata was forced to recall 34 million airbags in the largest product recall ever. And now it just received the largest civil penalty in NHTSA history to match it, with a fine of up to $200 million. »11/03/15 3:07pm11/03/15 3:07pm


Report: Feds To Hit Fiat Chrysler With Record $105M Fine Over Recalls

Fiat Chrysler has recently drawn the ire of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over “a litany of failures” with millions of vehicle recalls, including older Jeeps linked to fatal fires. According to a Wall Street Journal report, we now know Fiat Chrysler will face penalties from the feds to the tune of… »7/26/15 10:43am7/26/15 10:43am

Why Hasn't GM Recalled These Two Trucks With A Similar Fiery Issue?

Last week, under threat of a federal investigation, GM recalled almost every Hummer H3 it had built because of a potentially dangerous design problem. Our analysis of a government database shows complaints of similar problems from owners of Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, two trucks built with the same components… »7/15/15 10:13am7/15/15 10:13am

GM Didn't Recall The Hummer Over Fires Until The Feds Threatened Them

General Motors recalled nearly 200,000 Hummer H3s last week over fears that they might catch fire. But it turns out that GM knew that flaming Hummers were a problem for several years before that. And what’s worse, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration exclusively told Jalopnik that GM did not act until… »7/13/15 5:50pm7/13/15 5:50pm

Scathing Audit Reveals NHTSA Is A Five-Star Government Clusterfuck

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is supposed to be the government agency that protects us on the road. That stops us from getting into vehicular death traps. That saves our loved ones and ourselves from horrific ends. But it has failed, and the new government audit of its work is both damning and… »6/22/15 3:39pm6/22/15 3:39pm

Feds To Shame Fiat-Chrysler In Rare Public Hearing Into Recalls

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is none-to-pleased about Fiat Chrysler’s handling of some 20 recalls affecting over 10 million vehicles, and it’s holding a public hearing on July 2 to aid in the investigation of how the automaker has handled the recalls. In short, NHTSA is pissed and now it’s taking… »5/18/15 2:20pm5/18/15 2:20pm