Feel Old With Our "How Many Pro Athletes Are Younger Than You?" Tool

An important milestone on your inexorable march toward bleak death is the sudden realization that most professional athletes are younger than you are. To help this along, the tool below calculates the percentage of players in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB who are already younger than you are at this very moment. »4/30/14 2:07pm4/30/14 2:07pm


There Will Be Transmission Fluid: What Happens When Your Zamboni Fails

While not entirely car-related, it's entirely amazing to watch a Zamboni fail on center ice during an intermission ice sweep at an NHL game, ain't it? And yes folks, that's transmission fluid, not blood. So fear not all you loyal fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins — the Penguin did not get caught underneath. [Deadspin] »2/27/08 8:45am2/27/08 8:45am