NASCAR Decries Indiana Anti-Gay Law

NASCAR has issued a statement expressing its disappointment with Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s decision to signing the "Religious Freedom Rights Act" into law, an act which could give Indiana businesses the right to refuse service to LGBT customers. » 3/31/15 2:26pm Yesterday 2:26pm

No More, The NFL's Domestic Violence Partner, Is A Sham

The brands have spoken, and they want you to know that domestic violence and sexual assault are bad. In fact, the brands not only think they're bad, but have a theory as to why they persist: the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault don't have a strong enough brand. So, to help get America talking about… » 2/05/15 3:26pm 2/05/15 3:26pm

Cam Newton Hospitalized After Car Wreck 

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Panthers QB Cam Newton was injured in a two-car crash in the Uptown area of Charlotte today. Newton, whose truck overturned, was stretchered into an ambulance and taken to the hospital. (Update: Per the Panthers, Newton is listed in fair condition and spend the night in the… » 12/09/14 1:08pm 12/09/14 1:08pm

Rich Eisen's NFL Network TV Truck Stolen Before Game (Update: Found)

A mobile TV truck used to produce Rich Eisen's NFL Network show was stolen out of a Miami Gardens, Florida hotel today where it was parked and being prepped for tomorrow's football game at Sun Life Stadium. » 11/12/14 3:42pm 11/12/14 3:42pm

'Skins Team Buses Involved In Crash On Way To Stadium

Two Washington team buses were involved in an accident on the trip to the Vikings' stadium this morning due to a missed exit. A good way to start game day. » 11/02/14 4:01pm 11/02/14 4:01pm

Report: Rob Bironas Tried Running Someone Off The Road Before Crash

Information surrounding Saturday night's fatal car crash involving former Titans kicker Rob Bironas is starting to come out, and the story has taken a bizarre turn. According to a report from The Tennessean, shortly before Bironas crashed his white SUV, he attempted to run a woman off the road. She pulled over to… » 9/23/14 6:48am 9/23/14 6:48am

Former Titans Kicker Rob Bironas Dies In Car Crash

Former Titans kicker Rob Bironas was killed in a single-car crash less than a mile away from his home in Nashville, Tenn. Saturday night. He was 36. » 9/21/14 11:30am 9/21/14 11:30am

Boeing's Carbon Fiber Is Helping Protect Football Players

When industries form a symbiotic collaboration, that's always a good thing. Especially when it's environmentally friendly and helps protect athletes from debilitating injuries. Russell Athletic is developing new football shoulder pads, made from recycled carbon fiber used in Boeing's 787 Dreamliners. » 9/10/14 3:44pm 9/10/14 3:44pm

New-Car Smell Is Overrated

Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag. Today, we're covering partners, air beds, office superpowers, poop, and more. » 8/26/14 3:38pm 8/26/14 3:38pm

Marshawn Lynch Apparently Ropes Off His Lamborghini When He Parks

If this Twitter user is to be believed, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch uses velvet ropes to cordon off his Lamborghini Aventador Roadster when he parks. Are there always velvet ropes in his car, or does someone else bring them for him? » 7/22/14 12:24pm 7/22/14 12:24pm

Feel Old With Our "How Many Pro Athletes Are Younger Than You?" Tool

An important milestone on your inexorable march toward bleak death is the sudden realization that most professional athletes are younger than you are. To help this along, the tool below calculates the percentage of players in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB who are already younger than you are at this very moment. » 4/30/14 2:07pm 4/30/14 2:07pm

We're Jason Kelce And Connor Barwin. Got Any Questions?


Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and linebacker Connor Barwin are in the discussion section below, answering your questions. Connor wrote this, and Jason might lend you some money if you ask nicely. » 2/28/14 2:06pm 2/28/14 2:06pm

Richie Incognito On Beating Up His Car: "That Was Just Me Venting."

Richie Incognito hadn't spoken to the media since taking a baseball bat to his $300,000 Ferrari, or indeed since the release of the investigation into the Miami locker room scandal. Maybe that's only because no one tried? A Phoenix TV station just showed up at his Scottsdale house and he was more then happy to invite… » 2/28/14 9:58am 2/28/14 9:58am

Seattle Car Dealership Owes 12 People $35K Because Giants Got Shut Out

Eli Manning and the Giants are a terrible gag gift that keeps on giving. After their loss to the Seahawks yesterday, in which Eli threw five interceptions and New York was shut out at home for the first time in almost 20 years, a Seattle area car dealership has to pay out $420,000. » 12/16/13 2:25pm 12/16/13 2:25pm

Sources: Some Jaguars Players Got Beat Up In London After Sunday's Game

We don't have any names, but we do have two stories from two different sources, probably about the same group of players. In either case, the story ends with the players losing a fight and going to the hospital. The fight involves either women and hotel security, or nine men with brass knuckles, depending on whom you… » 10/30/13 3:31pm 10/30/13 3:31pm

Six Sports GIFs That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

It's been a rough week. From high school kids allegedly committing broomstick rape, to Tommy Morrison's death, to Lamar Odom's struggles, it's tough to find anything positive in the world of sports. We searched high and low, though, to bring you these six GIFs that will restore your faith in humanity. » 9/06/13 3:38pm 9/06/13 3:38pm