2010 Mercedes E-Class Spotted, Fully Nude

German mag Autozeitung » 9/29/08 8:20am 9/29/08 8:20am claims the picture above, from their September issue, is the , without any of the black plastic camo we've come to expect from spy photos of the new sedan. The new E-Class looks to be sporting headlights straight from set to see a reveal later this week at the . The sedan's big, wedge-shaped…

2009 Mercedes E-Class In Camouflage Built For Darth Vader

The next-generation 2009 Mercedes E-Class was spotted by the intrepid folks of CarEnthusiast.com while testing on a motorway leading to Valencia. Here's what they've got to say: » 7/14/08 12:45pm 7/14/08 12:45pm

We dunno, at least the camouflage looks better than the last we spotted. So we'll give Benz that. [via ]