Big Brit Brother: Speed Braggart Tracked Down on Forum, Busted

British tabloid The Sun snitched on a Vauxhall forum member who posted a picture of his speedo reading 150 mph, sending him into the arms of Johnny Law. The man allegedly broke the speed in his Vauxhall VX220. Apparently, the guy also posted his phone number and registration info on the forum, giving the… »6/07/07 8:24am6/07/07 8:24am


Fangin'! Changin' a Belt with the Washington Post

You know, we'd been remiss in checking in with Fang Huang lately, master of languages, the kitchen and motors. So we thought we'd check in on the guy (for some reason, we're suddenly thinking in Paul Teutel, Sr.'s voice). He put up a new video on changing a fan belt, and I gotta tell ya, it was awesome. Paulie I and… »1/20/06 11:04pm1/20/06 11:04pm

Why Must I be Like That? Why Must I Make Biodiesel From the Cat?

Germany's Bild newspaper reported on Tuesday and Wednesday that inventor Christian Koch had come up with a new form of biodiesel that's 1/5 the price of regular diesel fuel. And it's distilled from the remains of dead cats. Koch denies the deceased feline claims, chalking the whole thing up to tabloid sensationalism.… »9/16/05 10:28am9/16/05 10:28am

The Truth? You Can't Handle the Truth: Jalopnik Reviewer Makes Waves in SF

"Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?" — Army counsel, Joseph Welch to Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Army-McCarthy hearings
»9/02/05 1:55pm9/02/05 1:55pm

Farago's flat candor, inability to squelch an instinctual disgust for suckiness and deft weaving of more analogies than an SAT test are the reasons…