See, Flying Cars Do Exist! Honda Accord Flies 150 Feet Into Side Of NY House

We've been telling folks for years flying cars existed —but who knew proof would come to us from the sleepy little town of Coram, NY? That's where this morning the owner of a Honda Accord took a 150 foot jump off a dirt hill and flew into the the side of a two-story house. So maybe it's not so much proof of flying… »9/13/06 2:30pm9/13/06 2:30pm


The Brilliance of the Magistrate: Blind Man to Require 'Extensive Driving Test'

We reported last week that Iraq-to-UK immigrant Omar Aziz had been arrested for being dangerous and defective behind the wheel. It seems that Aziz showed up in court wearing an "offensive" t-shirt (How could Aziz have known that? He can't see!) and was summarily handed a 12-week suspended sentence and ordered to take… »9/11/06 3:00pm9/11/06 3:00pm

DaimlerChrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche Gets a "Mustache" Ride From Google

So one of us was actually doing his due dilligence today — checking his spelling, dotting the t's and crossing the i's — when he dropped the word "mustache" into the Google hopper to determine if it required one umlaut or two. Lo and behold, what do we find — our favorite David Cross look-alike, DaimlerChrysler CEO… »6/09/06 1:54pm6/09/06 1:54pm

Airplane Parts Are Makin' Like Fallout Boy: They Be Goin' Down

So how lucky is this woman? She's just parked and is running over to her dance class when out of nowhere — "Splat!" — the wing flap off of a U.S.-based A300 cargo jet slams into her car. But, just like our friend Amanda and every Canuckian Maple Leaf fan, she's all worried about others and had the following comment: »5/02/06 4:51pm5/02/06 4:51pm

Breaking! Brokeback Enzo Case — The Tribulations and Trials of Stefan Eriksson

Looks like it's good news / bad news day for he-of-many-transliterations as Stefan Erikkson finds his bail lowered from the knightly sum of $5.5 million to the just-under-knightly sum of $3 million. That's the good news. The bad...well...the judge has ordered him to stand trial on charges of embezzlement, grand theft… »5/02/06 2:51pm5/02/06 2:51pm