Indy 500 Garage Wrap Up

We caught about half of the Indy 500 over donuts and bagels down at Cole Coonce's place until rain stopped the action. Or so we thought. Mr. Coonce phoned up later to say part two of the race had begun with Tony Kanaan in the lead. The rest of the race was viewed on our trusty Panasonic portable while painting an G54B… » 5/27/07 8:15pm 5/27/07 8:15pm

Say it Isn't So! Jim Nabors Unable to Attend Indy 500

In a move shocking to Indiana residents and racing fans alike, Jim Nabors announced that he will be unable to attend the Indy 500 and sing Back Home in Indiana due to illness. Race fans in attendance and from around the world will be encouraged to sing in place of the heartland crooner via a live video satellite feed… » 5/25/07 1:30pm 5/25/07 1:30pm

Parnelli Jones Back at Brickyard

Looks as if Parnelli Jones himself is back in the number 40 at the Brickyard. has a shot of Jones sporting an open face helmet behind the wheel of his son PJ's Honda-powered tribute to the legendary turbine-powered Silent Sam. » 5/21/07 8:30pm 5/21/07 8:30pm

300+ MPH Buckeye Bullet Hydrogen Fuel Cell Streamliner

A group of Ohio State University students are hoping to break the 300 mile per hour mark at Speed Week this August - using hydrogen. The Buckeye Bullet 2 will make history as first hydrogen fuel cell land speed streamliner to hit the long black line. The Buckeye Bullet 1 was the first electric vehicle to break the… » 5/11/07 2:15pm 5/11/07 2:15pm

Last Chance for 2007 Land Speed Record Tires

From a tiny karting carcass to a huge slick designed to go from a standing start to 300 plus miles per hour in under five seconds, tires are a crucial part of any racing machine. Tires are of particular concern on LSR monsters - especially those of the wheel-driven variety. Streamliners moving into and beyond the 300… » 4/18/07 3:30pm 4/18/07 3:30pm

Sebring GT2 Finish Mayhem

While it was little surprise that the R10 took the 12 Hours of Sebring overall, the stuff-of-legends finish happened in GT2 between Jorg Bergmeister's Flying Lizard Neun Elf and Jamie Melo's Risi F430. Maybe it was the Floridian locale that inspired it, but they got into some serious NASCAR-style paint trading on… » 3/19/07 6:00pm 3/19/07 6:00pm

AFX Champ Cars Coming in Summer

Being men of a certain age who never quite got around to giving up being boys, Los Jalopniks are big fans of slot car racing. So excuse us for being a little geeked that we just found out that in July of this year, Tomy-owned AFX will launch a line of HO-scale slot cars resembling the current crop of Champ Cars. The… » 2/19/07 4:45pm 2/19/07 4:45pm

Constructorial Angst: Spyker Weighs in on Independently-Sourced F1 Cars

The men in orange have joined the chorus against Super Aguri and Toro Rosso scoring constructors' points for using chassis sourced from Honda and Red Bull. In some ways, from a small team like Spyker, the point of view is understandable. Why should other teams be able to buy derivative chassis when they've committed… » 2/05/07 6:45pm 2/05/07 6:45pm

FIA Not Down With the Booger Sugar

Apparently the FIA has something against Colombia and its special brand of marching powder. While in pre-European Mexico, it was just fine for Montezuma to lay on the shore with his coca leaves and pearls, it is apparently not — in the sport-arbiting organization's estimation — okay to drive a racing car with traces… » 1/23/07 9:30pm 1/23/07 9:30pm

Uncork the 'Vettes: Autoextremist on ALMS Corvettes

According to Sweet Peet, GT1 in the American Le Mans Series will be a cakewalk for the Corvettes, so why not let them run wide-open and unrestricted at a couple of events? Instead of the damped-down configuration that still sent Aston home with its tail between its legs, not to return to the series, stonking 900hp… » 1/17/07 1:30pm 1/17/07 1:30pm

Dakarvergnugen! VW Takes Stage 7 of African Rally

Volkswagen's Giniel de Villiers blazed a path across Mauritania today on today's Zouerat-to-Atar stage, hijacking the lead from former WRC champeen Carlos Sainz, who finished third on the stage. Pope Benedict XVI's quotes on a glorious triumph of German precision were kept on the DL by the Vatican. » 1/12/07 10:30pm 1/12/07 10:30pm

Vatican Condemns Dakar Rally!

This is somewhat tenuous at best, but isn't it rather fascinating that a theocratic government that holds sway over a large portion of religious people, whose head was once a member of a youth organization that pledged fealty to a regime that sent invasion forces to North Africa has now called the Dakar Rally "the… » 1/11/07 5:45pm 1/11/07 5:45pm

Sheikhs Heart Driving Fast: Bahrain Buys 30% of McLaren F1 Group

If you produce the oil that powers the engines, why not own the whole damn car? Or at least a good slice of it? Turns out, the Kingdom of Bahrain's purchase is not unprecedented as Abu Dhabi owns 5% of Ferrari and 15% of Spyker. What does this mean for lay pistonheads like us? Just that F1 will continue to be… » 1/10/07 3:55am 1/10/07 3:55am

Movin' Very Slowly: Hypermiling

When we had our old Acura Legend, we were addicted to its fuel-economy display. We generally averaged around 21 mpg, which included a 33-mile Walnut Creek-to-San Francisco commute that was 2/3 open freeway and 1/3 brutal congestion (hello, MacArthur Maze and Bay Bridge). On a trip from Portland back down the East… » 1/05/07 2:30pm 1/05/07 2:30pm

Fiat Panda Off to Dakar

We dig minicars. We also dig Italian cars. And we dig the Dakar Rally very much. Fiat, knowing this, has decided to enter two 4x4 Pandas in the Dakar Rally. They turned the diminutive hatch into a panel van, filled it full of goodies helpful for survival in the desert, and left the 105-horse 1.3L turbodiesel alone.… » 1/03/07 4:15pm 1/03/07 4:15pm

Some Dakarness

With the flag due to drop on the Dakar Rally on the 6th, we thought we'd whet your appetite for what is surely one of the most badass automotive events ever invented. Below the jump is a musically-soundtracked video that's all trucks. And yes, Loverman, rest easy, as DAF is represented. » 1/02/07 9:00pm 1/02/07 9:00pm

Steve Fossett Buys Spirit of America

He's a record-setting balloonist, sailor and pilot, and he's even run the 24 Heures du Mans. He's Steve Fossett, and he holds a fistful of records. And now, with the purchas of Spirit of America, he's going after the outright land speed record, hoping to take down the nearly-a-decade-old Thrust SSC record set by Andy… » 1/02/07 7:15pm 1/02/07 7:15pm

Dyson Racing Moves to Porsche, LMP2

The close personal American friends of Bruce in Poughkeepsie, Dyson Racing, have decided to trade in their Audi Lola for a Porsche RS Spyder, a car which was only campaigned last season by Penske. According to Porsche Motorsports honcho Hartmut Kristen, the Dyson cars will come equipped the same as the Penske models.… » 12/20/06 11:00pm 12/20/06 11:00pm