Chrysler Group On the Crack Rock? Imperial On Track for Production

Cue the Fred Willard "Wha' happen'?" sample. Have Chrysler's problems engendered some sort of mass psychosis within the company's walls? Seems so, since they've decided to build the Imperial, which given the company's situation, seems like a case of throwing dumb after dumb, with an extra-large side of dumb garnished… »3/06/07 5:45pm3/06/07 5:45pm

Two-Dimensional Mini-Precision: AutoBild's Flat Smart Test

Those zany Germans over at Autobild couldn't wait to test the new Smart ForTwo, so they decided to craft their own Bruce-infused microcar. In two living dimensions!. The cardboard/foamcore/whatever new-model Smarty took on parking challenges, slalom challenges and child-impressing challenges, although at no time did… »12/29/06 1:15pm12/29/06 1:15pm

Shocker! Opel Astra Officially Saturnized for '08!

Jill Lajdziak, who onstage at the LA Auto Show came off the very epitome of a graduate of Uncle Chuck's Graduate Course in Public Speaking of Des Moines, IA, LLC, has confirmed that the Opel/Vauxhall Astra will indeed be joining the ranks of the Saturn lineup come 2008. Lajdziak claims, "The Astra is a great fit for… »12/08/06 7:30am12/08/06 7:30am

Paris Auto Show: Kia Unveils Cee'd, We Watch it on TV

While we've got two of Los Jalopniks out on the floor, we need a third to hold down our hard-fought spot in the Third World media center which has us reliving our time in Indochina. Luckily, we've got a TV screen behind us to cover unveilings we couldn't get to. And ashtrays. Ashtrays are important. As for the Cee'd?… »9/28/06 5:30am9/28/06 5:30am

North Americans Only! The Porsche Cayenne S Titanium Edition

Canada's not minding in the least being lumped in with the US of A today — they're just happy they're getting a piece of this titanium-trimmed beauty — because it's only going to be available in North America. The titanium edition gets its name from the "titanium metallic trim" exclusive to the model. It's available… »6/14/06 12:30pm6/14/06 12:30pm