Want A Hot Shower In A Blackout? Get A Business Class Ticket

Hurricane Sandy hit Jersey City pretty hard. During the storm on Monday night, we had about three to four feet of water on the ground. I watched as water killed every car in the lot across the street, their alarms and horns blaring until they were drowned. » 11/01/12 3:11pm 11/01/12 3:11pm

TSA Unable To Detect 33% Of Land Mines Sent Through Security

A mechanical engineer from the Army's Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey was stopped by TSA officers at Newark Airport after they found two Claymore mines in her bag. This would be a victory for the TSA had they not just let the woman's co-worker through with a similar mine in their checked baggage. » 5/02/12 10:00am 5/02/12 10:00am

Newark Airport Terminal Shut Due To Suspicious Package

Terminal A at Newark Airport is closed while police investigate a suspicious package that may or may not be setting off explosives and radiation alarms. UPDATE: Nevermind, false alarm! » 12/20/10 8:15am 12/20/10 8:15am