NY Times Calls For Speed-Limited Vehicles, Uses Flawed Logic

Writing in the New York Times »9/08/08 6:40pm9/08/08 6:40pm yesterday, Kent A. Sepkowitz called for all new vehicles sold in the US to be limited to 75 MPH, saying, “Speeding is the cause of 30 percent of all traffic deaths in the United States — about 13,000 people a year.” He goes on to compare speeding to alcohol, which he says is responsible…

NYT Automobiles Gives Chrysler Minivans A Seemingly Unnecessary Smack-Down

We don't know if New York Times Automobiles writer Christopher Jensen's got kids, but if he had them, he'd know that handling is not really the most important requirement for a minivan. More important is the need — which he admits in his smack-down this weekend on the new minivans from Chryslerberus almost reluctantly… »6/02/08 7:00am6/02/08 7:00am

Go Ahead, Ask New York Times Automobiles Editor Jim Cobb Anything

So Jim Cobb's the editor of the Automobiles section at the Ol' Grey Lady. If you didn't realize the section existed, that's OK, many people confuse it with the classified section. Yeah, you know, it's that section of the Sunday New York Times with a couple of reviews, a couple of feature-y stories and an absolute… »1/30/08 9:15am1/30/08 9:15am

New York Times Takes Bill Vlasic for a Ride as New Detroit Chief

Looks like there'll be a new sheriff in town for the New York Times. The Old Grey Lady's gone and stolen Bill Vlasic, veteran of many a Detroit automotive battle, from the Detroit News to act as their new whipping boy Detroit bureau chief. If you'll remember, Vlasic penned the classic story of the famed "merger of… »12/27/07 5:01pm12/27/07 5:01pm

NYT Name Checks Jalopnik Over Vines Resignation, We Name Check Back

New York Times name checks Jalopnik on our mourning of the loss of Jason Vines at Chrysler. Parting is such sweet sorrow. But wait, why are we receiving all these inquiries from GM PR over where he's going next? Is someone else interested in the former Chrysler PR main-man? We guess we'll have to wait and see. [NYT… »12/11/07 9:15am12/11/07 9:15am

Oops: New York Times Erroneously Reports Tesla Delays "Battery Related"

OMG! Ann Coulter is right. Just like when Dale Sr. took one for the team and the New York Times failed to put it on the front page, once again the Gray Lady gets it all wrong when it comes to cars. Oh wait, the New York Times actually did run Earnhardt's death on the front page and Coulter is a freaky looking drag… »10/30/07 9:30am10/30/07 9:30am

NYT Wheels Blog Examines The Shift Away From Shifting

It's always been our contention that the point when automatic transmission vehicles began to outsell manual transmission vehicles here in the United States was the same point 'merican drivers became less concerned about the trip and more about the destination. Looks like the Wheels blog over at the New York Times has… »10/05/07 10:45am10/05/07 10:45am

Thomas Friedman Takes It From Both Ends: First GM, Now Toyota Attacks!

The New York Times editor's taking it from every angle today — first from the punditocracy from guys like MotorTrend's "Motor City Blogman" and Fortune's Alex Taylor. Next he took one in the eye from the "other" Tom, GM's Tom Wilkinson. Even we took a shot at him. But now Friedman's taking it from the company he was… »10/04/07 3:00pm10/04/07 3:00pm

GM's Tom Wilkinson Engages In Epic "Battle Of The Toms" With Thomas Friedman

GM decided not to take yesterday's peppering by Thomas Friedman's shotgun laying down. Mere minutes after we dropped our post on Tommy Boy's anti-Toyota tirade, the General's FYI blog had quickly dropped a retort penned by GM's Tom Wilkinson. Wilkinson, who is not at all the same Tom Wilkinson as the actor who played… »10/04/07 12:00pm10/04/07 12:00pm

Thomas Friedman Again Fires Shotgun Blast At Auto Industry, Hits Toyota, Everyone

New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman is shaking a finger at the American automotive market again, and this time it's Toyota that he's ticked at. Friedman seems to have difficulty wrapping his head around the fact Toyota, with the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the market, has joined the automakers formerly… »10/04/07 10:35am10/04/07 10:35am

Cab Catches Fire One Block From New York Times Office, Times Web Team Gets Crappy Video

We caught this off of the NYT YouTube feed this morning. We're betting they're totally glad they invested in all that video equipment. We wonder if anyone thought to run downstairs and actually get close to the taxi cab caught on fire — or was everyone worried it was a terrorist attack? Maybe this means there's… »9/21/07 9:15am9/21/07 9:15am

The New York Times is soliciting reader opinions on the question of "What changes do you think

The New York Times is soliciting reader opinions on the question of "What changes do you think are needed in the American auto industry?" We just lurve the "America's Sagging Automakers" headline — it makes us feel like all they need is a face lift or something. [New York Times] »8/07/07 7:30am8/07/07 7:30am