NYC's top librarian caught drunk driving in reverse

Like thousands of New Yorkers, Dr. Anthony Marx, the 52-year-old president of the New York Public Library, was massively inconvenienced on Sunday by marathon road closures. No problemo! He just threw his Audi A4 (registered to the library) into reverse, floored it — and slammed it into a garbage truck on East 138th St. » 11/08/11 2:15pm 11/08/11 2:15pm

The New York Library's Digital Photo Archive: Spills! Chills! LaGuardia!

We recently stumbled upon the New York Public Library's digital photo archive. The library houses thousands of cool images, and its online archive is an eye-popping way to suck up an hour or two. Fiorello LaGuardia in a microcar, anyone? » 1/19/10 4:30pm 1/19/10 4:30pm