Meet 'Pat', The Drill That'll Dig A New Underwater Tunnel From Staten Island To Brooklyn

New York City's newest toy, a 110-ton, 300-foot-long Caterpillar boring machine named "Pat," will soon spearhead a $250 million water tunnel project. Digging a 12-foot diameter tunnel almost two miles long, Pat will create the replacement for two other, shallower tunnels currently in the way of expanding the port… »4/20/12 2:00pm4/20/12 2:00pm


Squeegee men return to harass New York City motorists

Back in the '80s, drivers in NYC knew the routine. Stop at a light, get swarmed by guys wielding squeegees and buckets of questionable liquids. Slip one a buck to back off — blackmail by piss — and drive on to the next stoplight, and the next squeegee guy. Well, 19 years after Giuliani claimed to exile them from the… »9/26/11 10:30am9/26/11 10:30am