How to Survive the Perils of New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve might be the best party night of the year, but it can also be the most stressful, from losing your phone to the far more perilous drive home. Here are a few things you can do now to stay safe and sane this New Year's. » 12/31/14 4:53pm 12/31/14 4:53pm

Travis Pastrana To Jump From Pier To Barge New Year’s Day

Travis Pastrana will jump his Subaru Impreza rally car from the Long Beach pier to a barge moored 250-feet out in the water for his latest New Year's Day stunt. Don't worry, he says water is soft. » 12/28/09 9:30am 12/28/09 9:30am

Rhys Millen New Year's Eve Truck Backflip Fails

Remember Rhys Millen's truck backflip in Vegas for the Red Bull No Limits New Year's Eve Celebration? It failed. However, at least this time he didn't break his back. Here's the video and details. » 1/02/09 10:00am 1/02/09 10:00am