Porsche Thinks The Press Is Way Worse Than Bloggers

If you signed yourself up for updates on the development of the Porsche Panamera at the automaker's minisite, you may have already received a packet of super secret advertising containing expensive ultra-glossy "first official images" of the new Panamera. It also contains what we assume is an unintentional backhand at… »12/03/08 9:30am12/03/08 9:30am


Four-Door Porsche Panamera Spotted In San Francisco

We saw a fake p-shop of the Porsche Panamera »10/20/08 8:20am10/20/08 8:20am the other day (again), the 's live and we've even seen a teaser shot . But now, what we've got here is a failure on Porsche's part to communicate to their engineers the need to strap on some camouflage. Thus, here's some of the clearest shots we've yet seen of the four-door…