Jay Leno Recreates Rendezvous With Mercedes SLS AMG

We seem to remember Rendezvous had less bloviating and more speed, but holy hell does that 571 HP, 6.2-liter V8 in the 2011 Mercedes SLS AMG sound like power manifested as noise. » 12/29/09 10:20am 12/29/09 10:20am

Mercedes Preparing SLS AMG Black Series?

According to 4WheelsNews, there's a Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series in the works that sheds 660lbs and turns the 563 HP, gullwing door-equipped GT into a track car. Also, expect the SLS AMG Convertible in 2011. [4WheelsNews] » 9/24/09 9:30am 9/24/09 9:30am

Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing Going Digital In Gran Turismo 5

We're skeptical Polyphony Digital will ever release the actual Gran Turismo 5, sort of like Duke Nukem Forever, but Mercedes has released these images and claimed their exotic Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing will be included in the game. We'll see. » 9/21/09 7:30pm 9/21/09 7:30pm

Mercedes SLS AMG: Live From Frankfurt, Finally!

You already know everything about the 2010 Mercedes SLS AMG. The only thing left? Seeing the gullwing live and in the brilliantly red metallic flesh. Oh, and maybe with Dr. Z and Lewis Hamilton. Well, your wish is our command! » 9/15/09 6:20am 9/15/09 6:20am

Mercedes Gullwing Spotted Still Wearing Mad Max-Like Fascia Obscura

The gullwing door-equipped penile extension that is the forthcoming Mercedes SLC replacement » 9/25/08 12:00pm 9/25/08 12:00pm was just snapped leaving its lair for a test run, as we can see in these shots. These pictures provide the clearest look yet at the new uber-car-to-be and allow us to note how long the wheelbase is, making it noticeably…