Knight Rider Fan-Boys Get Taken For A Ride In KITT

While we still think driving the Knight Rider KITT-ed up GT500KR was cooler, the fan-boys at KnightRiderOnline are pretty geeked about getting a chance in the passenger seat of KITT's stunt car. [KnightRiderOnline] » 12/30/08 1:00pm 12/30/08 1:00pm

First Video Of KITT Valmorphanizing Into A Ford F-150 FX4 Pickup Truck

Somewhere between "Morphing" and "Transforming" is the very Team America-ish "Valmorphanization." That's the term we feel best using to describe what KITT's doing in this one minute clip from the new Knight Rider TV show premiering September 24th on NBC. As you'd expect, KITT is apparently fitted with a current Ford… » 7/26/08 2:36pm 7/26/08 2:36pm