First Episode Of New Knight Rider TV Show Online At Hulu...And Right Here

Want to see the first episode of the new Knight Rider »9/18/08 12:45pm TV show a week earlier than it'll air on broadcast television? If so, it's your lucky day — just moments ago it went live on Hulu for the watching. But why go there when we've got the full episode below the jump? We won't spoil anything that hasn't already been…

First Pictures Of Turbo-Boosted Super Pursuit KITT At Comic Convention, KITTchero Teased

Those on the fence about the new Knight Rider television show need look no further than these shots of the newly upgraded KITT from Popular Mechanics shot at Comic-Con 2008. At a panel discussion in front of Knight Rider fanboys-girls they showed video of KITT employing Turbo Boost (before a very long press conference »7/25/08 5:51pm