2010 Honda Hybrid Up Close, Wearing Ford's "Dave" Smile

Honda seems to be lifting design cues directly from Ford on its new Honda hybrid »8/18/08 12:20pm8/18/08 12:20pm — you know, the one . We thought that grille looked familiar when we first saw it a few weeks ago, but this up close and personal image confirms it — Honda, ... Dave, Honda. Hope you two can get along after the cease-and-desists start…

Toyota Projects Gas Prices To Hit $5.00 By Middle Of Next Decade, We Think They're Being Optimistic

Toyota is basing its production plans on projections that US gas prices could rise as high as $5.00 a gallon as soon as 2015. The Japanese automaker also believes the full-size truck market will experience a significant recovery in the near future. Despite demand for its fuel-efficient Prius hybrid reaching an… »8/15/08 11:20am8/15/08 11:20am

Honda's New Hybrid: Cheaper, Longer And Higher Fuel Economy

As Toyota readies the new next-gen 2010 Prius »8/14/08 10:00am8/14/08 10:00am, Honda has been working feverishly to bring its own dedicated hybrid model to market — at a price point lower than the Prius — after discontinuing the Insight nearly three years ago. We've gone to our sources and put together the best of the rumors, suspicions and…

Five Years Have Passed Since A New Hybrid-Only Vehicle Came To Market

With all the talk about alternative powertrains and who has the most hybrids, one statistic stands out: It's been more than five years since the second-generation Toyota Prius hit showrooms, marking the most recent new vehicle to have been designed only as a hybrid. And, as reports, that's a huge… »8/04/08 3:20pm8/04/08 3:20pm

Honda Hybrid To Start at $18,500, Wipe Smug Smile Off Prius' Face

Honda has been diligently working on its Toyota Prius-fighter, a dedicated Honda hybrid expected to go on sale early in 2009. But they recently pulled out the trump card in this battle royal — a starting price of just $18,500. The five-door, five-passenger hybrid-only car will get to that low, low price point by using… »8/04/08 12:30pm8/04/08 12:30pm

Honda's New Hybrid Prius-Fighter Caught Desert Testing, Listening To "Eye Of The Tiger"

No, it only looks like the Toyota Prius. The crafty car spies of KGP caught up again with the Honda engineering team in the hot desert sands out west. Just in the nick of time to take an exclusive first set of shots of Honda's new Prius-fighting hybrid. We don't know much about it other than we knew the boys from… »7/16/08 6:30pm7/16/08 6:30pm