2012 Ford Focus: First Drive

Fan-boys begged Ford for the international Focus since 2005, when the world got a new model and we got... a refresh. Now it's 2012 and it can finally be yours. But should you still want it? In a word; no. » 1/31/11 12:00am 1/31/11 12:00am

Ford's Next-Gen Airbag Spares Ribs, Looks Like A Saggy Butt

The 2012 Focus debuts Ford's next-generation airbag, designed with an internal tether which shapes the bag to reduce pressure and injuries to the ribs and abdomen. It also makes the airbag look like an old lady's bottom. » 9/16/10 12:00am 9/16/10 12:00am

Ford Focus ST: Hatch Hotness Goes Global

The endless monotony of boring U.S. hatches got you down? The Ford Focus ST's going to turn that frown upside-down. A 246-hp, sexified, Ecoboosted, five-door probably headed for America. A beautiful sunrise may be breaking over the Carpocalyptic landscape. » 9/15/10 12:00am 9/15/10 12:00am

Ford Goes Electric, Zaps Fun Out Of 2012 Focus

Before Bill Ford pulled the 2012 Ford Focus from an on-stage Demon Hole, he stopped our hearts with big news. An RS!?! No. An announcement regarding Michigan-built all-electric Focii starting next year and hybrid C-platform cars. Sad. » 1/11/10 10:25am 1/11/10 10:25am

2012 Ford Focus: The Comeback Kid

This is the all-new 2012 Ford Focus. From our perspective it's one of the greatest automotive comeback stories in a long time. After too many indifferent refreshes it's finally, and awesomely, everything enthusiasts have been begging Ford to build. » 1/11/10 12:00am 1/11/10 12:00am

Electric Ford Focus Coming To Detroit Auto Show?

Ford mentioned an electric commercial van for 2010 with an electric sedan by 2011 when announcing its latest recovery plan in December. That electric sedan may be based on the next-generation Ford Focus. » 1/08/09 2:00pm 1/08/09 2:00pm

Video: Ford Focus RS Walkaround

We showed you our gallery of the 2009 Ford Focus RS in blue two days ago. Now here's a full video walkaround of the hottest li'l hatch we really need to get stateside. » 12/12/08 9:20am 12/12/08 9:20am

2009 Ford Focus RS: I'm Blue!

The 2009 Ford Focus RS was first seen as a concept in London earlier this year wearing an arresting green skin. Now the not-for-American-consumption production version shows off some blue metal in the gallery below. » 12/10/08 7:45am 12/10/08 7:45am

2009 Ford Focus Coupe Gets New Look, Lipstick...Still A Pig

We know first-hand how horrible the design of the 2008 Ford Focus coupe truly was. Having spent five days in one we can tell you the best part about the '08 model was being inside of it. Only then could you sink into that relatively comfortable interior and try to forget the horror of witnessing the terrifying design… » 5/13/08 12:33am 5/13/08 12:33am