Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M Unveiled Live At Mugello With Stickers, 16 GB Ferrari iPod Touch

We're not sure why you'd need a track-capable Ferrari F430 Scuderia »11/09/08 8:15am11/09/08 8:15am in drop-top form, but apparently Ferrari has a business case for it, revealing the Scuderia Spider 16M at the Mugello circuit in Italy. The new vert comes with a special 16 GB iPod Touch in a dock right on the center of the dash (you can sort of see…

Enzo-Replacing "FX70" Test Mule Spotted Outside Ferrari Test Facility

The next-generation Ferrari Enzo »9/04/08 10:40am9/04/08 10:40am, a project known internally at Ferrari as FX70, has been spotted wearing the skin of an . Giving it away as something else are the cobbled-together appearance, oddly long wheelbase, and fighter-jet-sized exhaust outlet stuck right in the middle of the lower rear fascia. So what's…

2009 Ferrari California Caught At San Francisco Photo Shoot

The 2009 Ferrari California's now been spotted moving up California's coast on the streets of San Francisco. We can't help but think the new Ferrari California will be more at home in the southern end of the Golden State with an Orange County trophy wife dripping Botox and spray-tan onto the interior. But, we weren't… »8/11/08 10:30am8/11/08 10:30am