Death Race Trailer, Revealed!

A week after we showed you our exclusive first look at the cars of Death Race, the new movie starring Jason Statham to be released by Universal later this summer, we've now got the first trailer for Death Race. What can we say? Well, it's intense and in it we learn the first rule of the Death Race — you never drive… » 6/13/08 6:11pm 6/13/08 6:11pm

The Cars Of Death Race

UPDATE:We've now got the first Death Race trailer! Almost a year ago, I had the opportunity to head out to Montreal and go behind the scenes of the new re-visioned movie "Death Race" starring Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, Ian McShane and yes, Joan Allen. Whereas the names of the characters they play may be the same, the… » 6/03/08 3:00am 6/03/08 3:00am