Bentley Mulsanne: Building The New V8

Bentley's 6¾ liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine has been completely re-engineered for the upcoming $285,000 Mulsanne and is even built by hand at the luxury brand's Crewe, UK plant. Here's how. » 4/07/10 9:30am 4/07/10 9:30am

Grand Bentley Previewed With Exceptionally Dark Teaser

The Bentley Arnage will breathe its last breath with the 150-unit Arnage Final Series, but this is not the end for the ultimate expression of luxury. Welcome to the future; the all-new Grand Bentley. » 6/10/09 5:00am 6/10/09 5:00am

Bentley Azure T: More Sensuously Senseless Luxury Coming To LA

Bentley's got a brand new member of the Bentley Arnage gang hitting the streets at the LA Auto Show » 11/12/08 8:00am 11/12/08 8:00am later this month. It's called the 2009 Bentley Azure T. The new drop-top Bentley gets the same 500 bhp V8 under the hood of the and the , so this special edition won't be seeing a power boost in this new edition. What…

2009 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Gets Facelift, "Speed" And…

We're guessing a lot of people forked over the extra change for the tweaked Bentley Continental GT Speed, convincing the product planners at the super-luxo marque to drop the same massaged 6.0-Liter W12 into the company's Continental Flying Spur sedan. Called the Continental Flying Spur Speed, the newly found 48… » 6/09/08 10:20am 6/09/08 10:20am