We Drove The 2001 VW Beetle RSi: It's A VR6-Powered New Beetle In An Iron Man Suit

When I was told by Volkswagen that I’d have a car available during my trip to Germany for their massive Beetle festival, I assumed it would probably be just something from the regular press fleet. Maybe a Golf, or, if they were feeling a bit more fun, one of the current Beetles. I clearly underestimated VW’s capacity… »8/24/15 2:27pm8/24/15 2:27pm


2010 VW Beetle More "Manly" In Speculative Rendering

It seems that people at Volkswagen are planning to bring back the Beetle, again, and not just for commercials »9/04/08 12:40pm9/04/08 12:40pm. has learned that the new new Beetle is planned for 2010 and, unlike the previous generation, this one isn't going to be quite so feminine. Volkswagen is going to do things slightly differently in order to…