2010 Camaro SS, Third Car Off The Line, To Be Auctioned By College Of Creative Studies

Chevy has announced the donation of Camaro »10/16/08 11:20am10/16/08 11:20am number three, an model, to the Detroit-based College of Creative Studies, who will then auction the vehicle on eBay beginning this weekend. The rights to the vehicle, anyway: Since Camaro production doesn't begin until February, CCS is basically auctioning the opportunity to…


GM Performance Parts Tricking Out New Camaro For SEMA Spectacle

Since the 2010 Chevy Camaro »10/13/08 2:20pm10/13/08 2:20pm is the official vehicle of the , GM has been hard at work readying special cars to show off new goodies from GM Performance Parts. Working with the GM Design Team on some "interesting twists," the builds of the hopped-up Camaros have been chronicled in these new . We're not sure if the SEMA…

2010 Camaro Standard And Optional Features List Leaks Onto Web

All you Camaro »10/06/08 2:30pm10/06/08 2:30pm fanboys waiting to plan the option boxes you'll be checking when the car shows up in showrooms this spring, rejoice. Someone on the forums has leaked a list of standard and optional features available on all Camaro trim lines. From the looks of things, a "base" Camaro is a bit of a misnomer, as even the…

The New Chevy Camaro Can Make A Soundgasmic Video At The Nürburgring Too

We know you've seen the 2010 Chevy Camaro plenty of times by now, but trust us, you haven't heard it quite like this. It must be the fanboys at Camaro5's response to Lexus trying to steal the spy video thunder with the LF-A video from earlier. Because thunder is exactly what the Camaro's big 'merican V8 sounds like as… »4/22/08 6:15pm4/22/08 6:15pm

2010 Chevy Camaro SS Caught On Nurburgring, Stig At The Wheel?

Some say he was once a victim of American "friendly fire." Others say he used to be a GM engineer until Bob Lutz rubbed him the wrong way. But all we know is, he's called "The Stig" — or maybe it's his fat 'merican cousin — and he appears to be taking the new 2010 Chevy Camaro SS out for a 'ring run. Wait, what?… »4/08/08 11:20am4/08/08 11:20am