Aerial Photo Exposes New Star Wars Millennium Falcon And X-Wing

Greenham Common is a World War II-era airfield roughly 30 miles west of London, but on Wednesday night it was the center of the nerdiverse. A local pilot flew over the area and snapped a photo of a half-built Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing fighter for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. » 9/11/14 2:12am 9/11/14 2:12am

A Taurus Concept You Ride Like A Bull

Since the GM EN-V debuted today, here's another balancing act which has caused furled brows over its necessity. The Taurus Concept is a compact, urban-targeted, open-top, saddle-ridden vehicle balancing on two wheels. Wait, isn't that a motorcycle? » 3/24/10 3:30pm 3/24/10 3:30pm

Ten Page Gallery of Internet-Themed Vanity Plates

We can't tell which is more sad, the ten pages of vanity plates all referencing some form of geekdom and Internet speak; or the fact that we could interpret almost all of them right away. For reasons unknowable, the Internet License Plate Gallery offers a compendium of the what the world's nerds consider appropriate… » 2/13/08 4:30pm 2/13/08 4:30pm

Peugeot Wants Your Second Life

I don't know about all of you out there in cyberlandia, but I have a life so full enough of whatnot that I can barely manage my first life, let alone a Second Life. Framing this in such a manner, you'll see that, after getting a come-on e-mail from Peugeot (after the jump), my downloading of the Second Life app,… » 9/25/07 11:30am 9/25/07 11:30am