Mother Tasered Twice By Cops After Leaving Baby In Car While She Went Tanning

Ashley Agerenza tried to take her seven-month-old baby into Extreme Tan and Smoothies (real place) with her, only to find that infants weren't welcome. So she did what any desperately pale mother would do: locked that baby in the car by herself with the engine running, attacked the cop who tried to arrest her for… »2/15/11 8:30pm2/15/11 8:30pm


Nissan Sued For Fire Death in Street Racing Accident

A lawsuit filed against those responsible for injury or death in a street racing accident isn't unheard of as negligence is usually involved, but there's a new twist to a lawsuit filed today in El Monte, California. In addition to naming the two racers, the $100 million lawsuit also includes Nissan Motor Company. The… »11/06/07 5:00pm11/06/07 5:00pm